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Fancy a snog?

The Southbank is full of places to eat and dink and one of those places (that you’re not likely to miss) is the big pink bus belonging to Snog frozen yoghurt.


One evening last week we thought we would take an evening stroll down by the river. I thought, as it was a weekday, that it would be quiet down there but it seemed that everybody had the same idea and with the warm summer breeze, who could blame them!

It is the first time I had tried the snog frozen yoghurt and I was surprised by how much choice there was. There are three sizes with five different flavours of yoghurt and countless numbers of toppings. I was keen to try the coconut yoghurt as that’s my favourite flavour but it was not available…it must be popular! So I opted for the chocolate with coconut shavings on top. The kids had salted caramel yoghurt, which was really tasty, with pineapple and chocolate brownie topping.

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