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BFG Dream jar trail

One of our aims for the summer was to get out and follow the dream jar trail.


We love the idea of trails because they get us out exploring the city and visiting places we may not otherwise go. Armed with our map and a checklist of all the dream jars we set off, only we didn’t realise just how tiring it would be!

London is a big city and on the map it’s easy to assume the jars are close together but actually on our first outing we only managed to find three. Starting at Trafalgar square we found the Team GB jar but this was before we had won any medals so the jar was actually empty, we then went on to Leicester square and China Town.


Navigating around London can be pretty tricky even when you’ve lived there your whole life. The west end is always busy and the roads can be confusing so as we were out of steam we decided to give up for the day.

On our second outing we went to Covent garden. There were only two jars on the map in the area but I love Covent Garden anyway so we also took a walk around the market and neighbouring roads to see the sights.


Unfortunately time seems to have gotten away from us and we have realised that the trail will be finishing tomorrow so I am not sure we will get a chance to tick anymore off our list. Hopefully there will be another trail in the future and we can make a bit more of an effort to get out and search!

Did you follow the BFG dream jar trail, if so how many did you find?…probably more than us!

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