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What I’m currently reading


I read a lot on my Kindle app but there is nothing quite like having a actual book to flick through, after reading a few in the holidays I decided to purchase a few more that I have had my eye on for a while.

The Nearly-weds was part of a set with a chick lit, wedding theme. I read the other two over summer and thought I would keep the feel of warm, relaxed evenings alive by continuing with the third book. I am only a few pages in but seemed to get distracted with the delivery of the others! Continue reading “What I’m currently reading”

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Champagne and weak bladders – no one told me!

Over the weekend I was invited to take part in a blogger event held by the lovely people at Lights by TENA and Myriad PR to talk about their new campaign – #noonetoldme

Having taken part in previous campaigns for Lights by TENA I feel honoured to be asked to help spread the word that bladder weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to 1 in 3 women and the most likely may be pregnant women and those that have just had a baby but it could happen to anybody at anytime.

I have not suffered bladder weakness personally but definitely notice changes in my bladder as I’ve got older. As a schoolgirl I would hold in my pee for the whole day because I hated using the school toilets #noonetoldme that as I got older I would be running to the toilet at the very thought of sipping a drink! I must say working with Lights by TENA has been great because the very mention of pelvic floors and I start doing the exercises…yes I am doing them right now!

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Greek chocolate haul


There’s nothing I like more when visiting a different country than to have a smooch around a local supermarket, not the ones filled with touristy tat but the ones that locals use to buy their groceries. I like to see what brands I recognise and how their prices differ from the UK. I also find the prices are much cheaper than shops placed around resorts so if I need anything then this is the place to go!

While on holiday in Greece we decided to pick up some chocolate to bring back to England, although we were worried that it may melt before it made it back! There was a large selection to choose from and apart from the Nesquik I can’t recall seeing any others that we already have over here.

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Oh Pretty Prints – ETSY giveaway

A few months back I opened an ETSY store. It is something, as an aspiring photographer, that I have wanted to do for a while but I felt I needed a niche as to the type of photography I wanted to take and to sell.

My first year as a photography student really opened my eyes, firstly as to what is actually going on in the photography world.. there is a lot! So many talented artists in so many fields of photography to take inspiration from, and secondly it made me realise that rather than sitting in a dark studio with lots of technical stuff going on I would prefer to be outside in the open, natural light, taking pictures of the beauty that surrounds our everyday life that we sometimes take for granted.

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Favela exhibition – Horniman

The Horniman museum is a place we have frequented quite a lot, particularly in the holidays when the children were younger. It is local compared to most of the museums in London and has a great little aquarium and large gardens that give it a bit of variety.

When I saw during the Olympics that the Horniman had a Festival of Brazil taking place throughout summer I had to pay them a visit, I especially wanted to see the Fevela photography exhibition!


The first thing you notice, built right in front of the museum, is the model made out of bricks, inspired by the architecture of the favelas in the city of Rio. Continue reading “Favela exhibition – Horniman”