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Favela exhibition – Horniman

The Horniman museum is a place we have frequented quite a lot, particularly in the holidays when the children were younger. It is local compared to most of the museums in London and has a great little aquarium and large gardens that give it a bit of variety.

When I saw during the Olympics that the Horniman had a Festival of Brazil taking place throughout summer I had to pay them a visit, I especially wanted to see the Fevela photography exhibition!


The first thing you notice, built right in front of the museum, is the model made out of bricks, inspired by the architecture of the favelas in the city of Rio.

Upstairs in the Horniman is the Favela – Joy and pain in the city exhibition.


The photographs are taken by three photographers that are all from Brazil and they portray the realities of life within the favelas of Rio.

The amazing colours and the magnitude of the images make them really striking and I would definitely recommend anybody that is interested in photography to visit.


I particularly love this image of a Brazilian lady collecting recycling in the city.

The Brazilian festival that ran throughout summer featured dance performances, food, street art and a host of other Brazilian themed events. Unfortunately most of them have now finished but this particular exhibition runs until the 18th of September so if you have a chance it is definitely worth a visit.

The Favela exhibition is free as is most of the museum but if you would like to pop into the aquarium while there you will have to pay a small fee.

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