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Greek chocolate haul


There’s nothing I like more when visiting a different country than to have a smooch around a local supermarket, not the ones filled with touristy tat but the ones that locals use to buy their groceries. I like to see what brands I recognise and how their prices differ from the UK. I also find the prices are much cheaper than shops placed around resorts so if I need anything then this is the place to go!

While on holiday in Greece we decided to pick up some chocolate to bring back to England, although we were worried that it may melt before it made it back! There was a large selection to choose from and apart from the Nesquik I can’t recall seeing any others that we already have over here.


Most of the bars had an English name as well as Greek (which helps when talking about them) and I found that they had quite a lot of white chocolate compared to us.

First of all we tasted the Nesquik which I thought would be familiar but if I’m honest I don’t think I have actually tasted it before. It was very light and delicate with a smooth texture maybe that’s because it is aimed at younger consumers.

The Lacta (which I definitely haven’t tasted before) actually did taste familiar! It was just the same as the wafer bars that we have although the size is different.

The Ion bar was a bit of a surprise, I think because it had pink on the packaging that I assumed it would have some sort of fruity flavour, like raspberry, but actually it was flavoured with almonds and I do like a nutty flavour so this was one of my favourites!


The chocofreta is also another wafer (they do like their wafers) but this time with white chocolate. We didn’t think much of this one and found it didn’t taste as sweet as the chocolate we usually eat.


The Derby caramel was another surprise. I thought because of the very dark packaging that it would be dark chocolate but it wasn’t. From the picture I expected it to be a bit like a Mars bar but it was more like a Lion bar only slightly flatter and a bit more dense. The thing I loved about the Derby was the hint of coconut flavour which you couldn’t tell was in there from the packaging (unless you read the small print)

The last bar was the Join. It looked very tasty with the mix of white and milk chocolate and didn’t disappoint. The bar itself was quite thin, like a milky bar but it had a cookies and cream flavour to give it a boost.


I would definitely eat Greek chocolate again (I’d eat any chocolate) but I found the taste did not quite match up to what I am used to and I think we have a much greater range and variety in England.

Have you tried chocolate from another country before?


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