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Champagne and weak bladders – no one told me!

Over the weekend I was invited to take part in a blogger event held by the lovely people at Lights by TENA and Myriad PR to talk about their new campaign – #noonetoldme

Having taken part in previous campaigns for Lights by TENA I feel honoured to be asked to help spread the word that bladder weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to 1 in 3 women and the most likely may be pregnant women and those that have just had a baby but it could happen to anybody at anytime.

I have not suffered bladder weakness personally but definitely notice changes in my bladder as I’ve got older. As a schoolgirl I would hold in my pee for the whole day because I hated using the school toilets #noonetoldme that as I got older I would be running to the toilet at the very thought of sipping a drink! I must say working with Lights by TENA has been great because the very mention of pelvic floors and I start doing the exercises…yes I am doing them right now!

The good thing about Lights by TENA is that as well as providing a superb range of products so that you can C’est La Vie to those embarrassing moments, they are also helping women to take control of their light bladder weakness by encouraging them to exercise those muscles that we cannot see. If you feel like you need a reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises then there is a great app called MyPFF that could help you with that.

The #noonetoldme blogger event was held at the sublime Champneys Springs spa in Leicestershire and the day was both energetic and relaxing.


We all met in the reception area before going into our suite for a drop of champagne…the best start to any meeting!! And then we got down to the business of discussing light bladder weakness with a presentation from Rachael, the lights by TENA brand manager.


The use of the #noonetoldme phrase is great for getting people talking about all those embarrassing things that happen as part of growing older or having children and looking at the statistics is really eye opening.

“It’s not uncommon for women to experience an increase in oooops moment when they’re laughing at something, caught short by the urge to cough or sneeze, or even when they jump up and down, but it shouldn’t prevent you doing any of them. Just as well, really – have you ever tried to stop yourself sneezing?!”

Then to the part of the day that everyone was worried about…

An hour of circuit training followed by 45 minutes of yoga, but actually it wasn’t all bad! We were fuelled by a range of delicious wraps and sandwiches before taking part in the circuit training and the fitness instructor was not too hard on us! (Actually he was but I was hiding at the back of the class avoiding those strenuous moves) As it was a glorious day we had our yoga class on the luscious lawns outside the spa and I think I managed to exercise muscles that I didn’t even know existed! I was always a fit teenager, climbing mountains like Ben Nevis and swimming over 60 lengths of the swimming pool but #noonetoldme that as I got older it would take two days to recover from a workout.

Although tiring, I would happily do the workouts everyday if they were followed by a head in the clouds treatment afterwards. A lovely massage of the shoulders, neck and head with scented oils and calming music was the perfect way to relax after burning all that energy and we were refilled afterwards with coffee and cake to end the day.

Overall it was a fab day and I got to meet a lovely bunch of bloggers, but it’s not all over because you could win your own fab day out with a £500 shopping spree at Selfridges! Visit the #noonetoldme website to share your stories and find out more about the campaign.

And don’t forget to share your #noonetoldme moments in the comments below 😉




9 thoughts on “Champagne and weak bladders – no one told me!

  1. Sounds like a really fun day – even with the circuit training! 😉 It’s great that there are campaigns like this too. There is really no need for stuff like this to be so taboo when it impacts so many people. #KCACOLS


  2. That sounds like a great event to be a part of and it’s an important thing to spread awareness about. I know it affects so many women. I’m a bit lucky in this department so far…but you never know what will happen in a few more years! #kcacols


  3. Yep we need to speak more about these leaky situations! We need to remind each other more to look after ourselves as our bodies have been through a lot. Sounds like you had a nice day out and fab there was a bit of yoga #KCACOLS


  4. Looks like you had a fab day! I agree, much importance is placed on telling ladies to do their pelvic floor exercises but not a great deal is said about coping with and managing incontinence. No-one has to suffer, I hope this campaign reaches far and wide. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.


  5. I always make sure I have Tena with me for a night out since kids. I never jump up and down. It’s getting better though, I am trying to do some exercises. I can now run without too much issue. People tried to earn me this would happen when I had kids. I didn’t listen!


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