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Colour seekers – Instagram

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms and I would love to make my feed a bit more colourful so I have decided to start a new Instagram community called colour seekers.

I already have the #ohprettycity community on my Oh Pretty City Instagram page where you can hashtag pretty pictures of the city you live in (feel free to come and join in) but I would like to add #colourseekers to my Oh Pretty Prints Instagram page.

I am going to focus on a different colour each week starting on a Monday and share some of my favourites for the week on the Sunday. It is not a competition, just a fun way to share colourful photos as the grey days draw in.

If you are Instagram crazy and looking for a new hashtag to join in with then come and follow my page and get tagging!

Monday 24th Oct – #colourseekers_blue

Monday 31st Oct – #colourseekers_green

Monday 7th Nov – #colourseekers_orange

Monday 14th Nov – #colourseekers_pink

A few colourful pics to get us started…



7 thoughts on “Colour seekers – Instagram

  1. That’s a really lovely idea, and your images are beautiful. I spend way too much time on Instagram, but it’s so addictive, isn’t it? #KCACOLS


  2. This is such a lovely idea…I would like to have more of a focus for my Instagram…I just started a community/hashtag with one of my blogger buddies and I am loving it a week in, so many beautiful photo’s will have to save yours! I love that green house! Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS I hope you join us next Sunday x


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