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The infinite mix – A video exhibition

If you have a particular interest in video or just like to see new and innovative work being exhibited then the infinite mix is the place for you!
Situated at The Store in the Strand is a collection of work by 10 different film makers in collaboration with the Hayward gallery and The Vinyl factory.

Each video is completely different and they all last for varying amounts of time (between a few minutes and six hours…yes six hours! But this is mostly just music being played so you dont have to stay that long). Weaving your way through corridors of darkness does seem a bit like your in one of those haunted houses at the fair but then your greeted by large screens, not knowing what your about to watch. A couple of my favourites were

Martin Creed – work no 1701

Martin Creed often focuses on movement and gesture and this is a video featuring a range of individuals crossing a street in New York, he is looking at how people move through the world in different ways and paces, it is accompanied by a jubilant pop song that gives it a celebratory feel which is what I liked about it.

Ugo Randinone – Thanx 4 nothing

This is a video of legendary beat poet John Giorno shown on four large screens placed around the room with various television sets surrounding the space. They all project Giorno in a mixture of long shots and intimate close-ups standing barefoot on stage. He is giving a speech on his 70th birthday, reflecting back on his life and the people and events that shaped it. I found Giorno quite captivating (maybe because I was surrounded by his face) and loved the humour in his speech.

I wouldn’t say all the videos were to my liking, some were just weird but I’d say that there would be at least a couple that would appeal to anyone so it’s worth checking them out.

It is a bit like going to the cinema and not knowing what you’re going to watch and the weird thing is that because of the varying time frames you will go in midway into the film so its worth taking a minute to see what its about before entering.

If you think this exhibition may be something you would like then get down to 180 The Strand (close to Victoria station) and give it a visit. Entry is free and it is open until December 4th.

*images taken from the infinate mix website

7 thoughts on “The infinite mix – A video exhibition

  1. Wow this sounds really interesting. It isn’t something I would ever think of doing but it is such a great way of seeing peoples work. I love that all the videos are varied so there is something for everyone.


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