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An Autumn stroll – Avondale park

I’m not really a big fan of autumn, if I’m honest it is probably my least favourite season (only behind winter because that has Christmas!) but I do like to take a stroll and appreciate all the autumnal colours.

I am a Londoner and have lived all over the city but there are so many parts that I am yet to explore. On a recent visit to Notting Hill I came across Avondale park. It is one that I have never heard of before, probably because it is quite small and more of a community park than one that has an influx of visitors.


The park wasn’t very busy although I can imagine that when school finishes it is probably full of kids as it has a great range of climbing equipment suitable for all ages and a picnic area where parents can enjoy a hot drink while the kids play.


I really like the modern structure that houses the toilets and a small tuck shop, the wooden design compliments the rest of the park without looking too out of place.





The park is also pet friendly with a dog toilet that looks like a large sand tray, luckily it is not near to play area so hopefully the children won’t get confused and start playing in there!

My kids rarely visit parks anymore as they are outgrowing them so when I do go, I get to appreciate the surroundings rather than pushing swings and watching them come down the slide 600 times.


Have you got any hidden parks where you live?

8 thoughts on “An Autumn stroll – Avondale park

  1. We are very fortunate to have lots of open spaces and parks near us. I live in the Cotswolds and so autumn is particularly pretty 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MondayEscapes


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