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I was browsing through the Tesco website looking for somewhere to spend my clubcard vouchers and thought the restaurants are a good bet because they give you 4x the amount. I came across Chimichanga which I hadn’t heard of before and asked Kieron if he would like to go there for his birthday (he is a bit of a foodie like his mum)

We went on a weekday evening and the restaurant was fairly empty. I was quite impressed with the Mexican themed décor and how fresh and clean it looked but that may be because it is fairly new. There was nine of us in total, including two little ones and they offered us a highchair for the baby and a long table right down the middle of the restaurant.

The food was impressive and we all enjoyed our main course, although the man did send his back to be heated up as it wasn’t hot enough (it never is for him.) I had the smoky mountain burger as I am not really a fan of burritos or fajitas and I wasn’t disappointed, it was one of the best burgers I have eaten!


Unfortunately I cant say the same about the dessert!

We were all quite excited to order the churros and the churros sundae in particular looked really yummy. We were not so impressed once we tasted them! They were not really sweet and had a rather tough texture and the sundae just didn’t hit the spot like I expected it would.


Apart from the disappointing dessert we all left feeling full up and Kieron really enjoyed his birthday. Unfortunately a few days later everybody came down with a stomach bug. I’m not saying it is anything to do with the restaurant as my daughter was complaining she didn’t feel well before we went and the winter bug was doing it’s rounds at the time but the normal reaction from everybody was “I’m never eating in that place again” I’m not saying personally I wouldn’t eat there again but it probably wouldn’t be top of my list.

9 thoughts on “Chimichanga

  1. I felt a bit the same when I went to the one near to our house, It didnt seem too freshly cooked and a little processed which was a shame as the location and the interior was really good.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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  2. I used to live right next to a great Mexican take away – I’ve not found anyone who’s done refried beans as good as them. Perhaps because it was a chain it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been? #kcacols

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  3. I’ve never visited this chain before but I have visited similar restaurants. What a shame the dessert was disappointing that’s never good it kind of puts a bad feeling over all of it doesn’t it! #kcacols


  4. Oh dear! I’ve never heard of this chain but I think I’d give it a miss now anyway!
    I love Mexican food but it can be very hot and miss. There’s a lovely little Mexican in Sheffield run by two brothers. It feels really authentic (I imagine having never been to Mexico) and the food is always delicious! #KCACOLS

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  5. I used to love going to our local one, but I’ve not taken the kids there. Their dislike of anything unusual has put me off. We’ve always had nice meals, but tbh we haven’t tried the desserts before. #KCACOLS

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