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Tiger Tiger – Haymarket

Searching for somewhere to eat around the west end on a Saturday afternoon can be a bit of a task. I really wanted to try Shake Shack but noticed that there were people standing up and eating and after strolling around Soho for an hour I wasn’t really in the mood to do that. A short walk down the road and we came across Tiger Tiger. I know this place more as a club that is quite popular with students but the restaurant looked nice and there was loads of space so we decided to sample their lunch menu.



I imagined eating at Tiger Tiger as a bit of a pub lunch so was quite impressed with the ornate layout of the tables and atmospheric lighting. The chairs were comfortable and the tables were far enough apart that it didn’t feel you were sitting on the laps of other diners. It was all rather fancy until the waitress came and plonked a bottle of tomato ketchup and vinegar on the table! While taking a trip to the toilet I noticed loads of long tables reserved at the back so I assume it is really popular with large groups of people as it has quite a range of food and drink on offer.


The restaurant was both a mix of couples and families enjoying their Saturday afternoon in the heart of London. It was probably less than half full so fairly quiet so I was surprised that it seemed to take so long before the waitress approached us to ask for an order. After placing the order I noticed somebody paying and using a Tastecard so we asked the waitress if we could use ours, she went off to speak to the manager and returned saying that because we already placed an order that it was too late. I understand that there is protocol and we should have checked beforehand but I don’t think it would have been too much of a problem for them to accept it as we hadn’t even started eating yet.


We ordered a mix of starters and my favourite was the deep fried macaroni cheese although it was piping hot so I nearly burnt my mouth eating it!


Myself and my daughter had the cheese burger and chicken burger which were really reasonable at £6.50 each served with chips and salad. The OH had the sirloin steak served with two sides which was a bit disappointing for the price of £18.00.


The food was OK and managed to fill us up but I wouldn’t class it as one of my favourite places to eat.

Have you tried Tiger Tiger?


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