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An American in Paris


As a timeout tastemaker I was invited to watch An American in Paris currently showing at the Dominion theatre in London’s West end and was super excited! I wasn’t familiar with the storyline beforehand and didn’t research anything as I wanted it to all be new, I was pleasantly surprised by the good mix of narrative, music and dance.
The storyline was a classic love story (who will get the girl) and could have been a bit more imaginative but for me it was brought alive by the stunning costume and set design that has made me want to book a ticket back to 1940s Paris.

The talent in the show was immense with actors taking on both singing and dancing and even a few humorous moments. There were a couple of catchy songs but I was expecting some more big numbers. This show was definitely about the dancing and with the lead role being a ballerina I suppose that’s understandable, however I did feel that the dance scenes were a bit long and sleep inducing and I did have to dig the OH in the ribs when I heard a faint sound of a snore… cant take him anywhere!

I don’t want to give away who did get the girl so If you are a fan of musicals then this feel good show is definitely a must see and you will have to go and watch to find out!

What is your favourite show to watch in the theatre?

*images of the show taken from the An American in Paris website as no photography is allowed in the theatre.




28 thoughts on “An American in Paris

  1. The show sounds great.
    I’ve recently been to see ‘Everybodies talking about Jamie’ at the Crucible , Sheffield it was amazing ! It’s showcasing and hopefully been picked up by a west end theatre. It’s a must see.
    The Body Guard was also a goodie ! Tracey xx


  2. Sound so nice. My husband hates shows or movies and with little one there is seldom time. I now live vicarious through other people watching shows. 😜 #globalblogging


  3. I don’t mean to brag….BUT I got to see Hamilton on Broadway last October and it was BRILLIANT!
    Thanks for your review. I didn’t know the storyline until you shared, but I know I’ve heard the title before.



  4. Im not crazy for musicals but I know my older girls will LOVE them someday. My husband enjoys them more than I. My parents just saw Motown and Carole King.



  5. I love going to the theatre but am more a drama fan than musical. An inspector calls, the moustrap. Glad you enjoyed it – not sure my huband would have stayed awake either hes terrible! #GlobalBlogging


  6. Sounds like a good one to watch. We try and get out and about when we have date night and recently saw frankenstein which was amazing at our local theatre.


  7. I have a soft spot for musicals! But I know for sure that my husband would be snoring through them all! I have always wanted to watch the Lion King, just because I am from South Africa… Ohh and I would love to watch Cats… Thanks for co-hosting this week! Was lovely to have you! #globalblogging


  8. OMG I don’t remember when I was in theater last time. I need to speak with my husband maybe he will take me there for something nice:)


  9. We love going to the theatre – it is one of the joys of living in London – having so much on our doorstep to enjoy. My favourite recent trip was to see Hedda Gabler. I am not a huge fan of musicals but my parents are so this is a useful review. Thanks. #GlobablBlogging


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