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Breakfast at Café rouge

I had a café rouge voucher and decided that I would use it to try out their breakfast and brunch menu. I don’t eat breakfast out very often (as in never) and thought it would be a nice treat as Café rouge happens to be at the bottom of my road.

Décor / atmosphere

The decor is designed to make you feel as though you are in the heart of Paris with a large ornate mirror and fancy light fixtures. The seating is comfortable but I did feel the the tables lined up at the back of the restaurant made it look more like a local cafe than a French restaurant. 

The restaurant was fairly empty and I assume the customers present were regulars as the waitress was familiar and chatty with them. Whenever I walk past later in the day it is always bustling with people so I’m sure the chain is quite popular. 


There was only one member of staff behind the counter and she was also serving the food. When the OH decided he wanted an omelette with a side portion of mushrooms which were not on the menu (he always has to be difficult) she was very accommodating and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Food and drink were both served promptly after ordering. 


 I ordered the breakfast deal which was £10 for a breakfast meal with a hot drink and a soft drink. I found this a bit weird and felt like it should have had a choice with two items of food and one drink because as far as I know it’s not often people drink a hot and cold drink together. 

I ordered the pancakes with banana and nuts which the OH also ordered because his omelette didn’t fill him up. The portion size was quite small but then I expect that’s because they are serving French portion sizes and not American. 

The Bill came in at £28 which I thought is rather expensive for breakfast for two, especially as I wasn’t full up when I left. I still have some vouchers left so I will be returning to a different branch for lunch to see how that compares! 

Have you ever been to Cafe rouge? 


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