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Wolfgang Tillmans at the Tate

Wolfgang Tillmans is a contemporary artist creating photographic images that range from still life to political activism. I went with my class to the Tate modern along the Southbank to specifically see the Tillmans exhibition.
Upon arrival we were told that Tilmans is very hands on when it comes to how his work is displayed and placed so we should expect that there would be some sort of flow between the rooms and that we would be following a story in images, maybe we were but we just didn’t know what the story was?

As I walked through the first few rooms I was a bit confused (it doesn’t take much) I just saw random pieces of work that was displayed in different ways and some of which made me think ‘What a weirdo’

The more I explored the more I warmed towards Tillmans, I got a sense that he was just a photographer that documents the world as he sees it and doesn’t conform to how anyone else wants him too.

There were some pieces I preffered over others and I still don’t get the way he chose to display his work but was really impressed with the sheer amount of work he has managed to produce, particularly in magazine and book publication.

One of my favourite prints was the detailed yet simplistic image of a mans neck. I think it is really striking, perhaps its because of the way he chose to print it in such a large format.

I left the exhibition feeling really inspired, I sometimes worry that I don’t have a particular style or photograph within a certain genre but after seeing Tillmans success I think it is more important to just create work and enjoy doing it.
Are you a fan of Wolfgang Tillmans? If so visit his exhibition at Tate modern until 11th June. Entry to Tate modern is free but tickets to this exhibition are £12.50 unless you are a member.

12 thoughts on “Wolfgang Tillmans at the Tate

  1. I probably shouldn’t admit this out loud but I’m a Londoner and photography lover who has never stepped into the Tate. Looks like a great exhibition, maybe this will be what makes me cross the river and take a look!


  2. I think with most things it’s more important to be yourself and enjoy what you do rather than conform to a particular style. I haven’t been to a photography exhibition before, but it would be interesting to try to learn the story that’s being told. Thanks for sharing with us at #GlobalBlogging


    1. I kinda think with art and photography its all very subjective and the story is probably different depending on your viewpoint so it’s nice to go with others and get their view too.


  3. I have never heard of him and have never visited a gallery like this before. You inspire me to look around in my area to see what I could find. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


  4. Unfortunately i missed his exhibition, until now. ty!
    Wolfgang’s photographic sculptures are stunning, but i haven’t spotted them here. They have not been part of the Modern Tate exhibition, haven’t they?

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