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Photography project – Architecture

The reason I first started a blog is because I thought it would be a great outlet and a place that I could regularly share my photography. I also love getting out and exploring places and the two work perfectly together to make Oh Pretty City.

I do obviously post photos of the places I have visited but I don’t feel like the photography is the focus of these posts so I have decided to do at least one post a week that is just about the photography. I will choose a theme and will share a few photos that I may have just taken or that are lurking somewhere on my hard drive and never get to see the light of day…I feel sad for those photos!







All the photos were taken in London except the last one which was in Crete, I cant believe this is actually someone’s home!

If you know of any photography linkys then please let me know in the comments as I love to see what other people are photographing and may get some inspiration for future themes.

6 thoughts on “Photography project – Architecture

  1. Good shots, well done. I bought myself a fancy camera as I thought I wanted to take up photography, but I still haven’t got around to it! Maybe one day! Thanks for joining us at #GlobalBlogging


  2. Great shots, especially the 1st one: I couldn’t stop looking at it! It’s a great idea to focus on photography in at least 1 post a week. It’s also a fab way to select your favourite photos around one theme: looking forward to more posts like this one 🙂


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