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Dancing in the sky


When I was given the opportunity to attend the silent disco at the Shard I was a bit apprehensive, for a start I have a fear of heights and just the thought of being 68 floors above London sends shivers down my spine, secondly everyone dancing around in silence with earphones on their head…how awkward! But what a great opportunity so I couldn’t turn it down!

Upon arrival we went through airport style security and were ushered over to the cloakroom to put in our coats and bags, we were told we could keep them if we liked and I kept my scarf as I heard that the very top viewing platform was open to the elements and could get cold.

The first lift takes you up to floor 33 in record time and then you are shown round to the second lift that goes up to floor 68. Loads of people were dressed up to the nines and others were pretty casual with jeans and trainers but I think the dress code is to just look presentable. I am more of a comfort over style person myself so chose to wear flat shoes which I am so glad about.

We were handed our headphones as we exited the lift and shown how to use them, they are really simple, a switch at the side takes you between three DJs and as you switch channel the colour of the headphones changes to your DJ of choice. Red was playing some cheesy pop and chart music, green was a mix of RnB, hip hop and grime and blue was playing more rock and alternative stuff, basically something for everyone!

As I entered the main room I was blown away by the views over London. The session runs from 10pm to 2am so it is dark outside and everything is lit up. You can walk around to get views from every side of the building and there is a machine that enables you to zoom in on certain areas so you can see it close up, although not many people were bothering with that as they were too busy singing and dancing. I happily flicked between the green and red channel and found it hard to tear myself away from the window as there was just so much to see.

I am the type of person who loves to sing along to anything, when my kids were younger they thought I knew the words to every song in the world because as soon as music starts playing I start singing, however I felt really self conscious singing out loud knowing that it was quiet in the room. As the night went on and it got busier everyone seemed to lose their inhibitions and the whole place was singing along which was really fun, especially as they were singing to three different songs!

There wasn’t any food available but there was one bar that served cocktails, prosecco, beer and bottles of water. The cocktails were a reasonable £8.50 although it is full of ice so doesn’t last long, luckily I’m not much of a drinker so I make a cheap date. I didn’t et many photos as I didn’t want to carry a big camera around while dancing and unfortunately he phone camera just doesn’t do the view any justice so you will just have to go and take a look for yourself!

The silent disco is an event run by Time Out and the tickets cost £37.50. I would have said this was expensive but I had a really great time and I don’t think any nightclub is ever going to be able to match up to this rather special experience and even if you only go for a one off experience it is well worth it! I went with the OH but if my friends wanted to go I would definitely go back again for a boogie with a view.

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  1. I soooo want to try this! Was quite curious to know more about this event, so thanks for sharing, Tracey 🙂


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