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Love and fear @ the design museum

As I entered the design museum I was quite taken with the stunning architecture and design of the building itself. Very minimalistic and open plan you could be mistaken for thinking that there isn’t actually much going on inside there.


Once you reach the top floor you are led round into the main permanent collection entitled designer, maker, user. It is full of innovative designs and there are loads of interactive things to do that are particularly aimed at children, they are even able to design their own objects that can be displayed on the wall. We were quite interested in seeing how certain brands such as Apple and Bosch have developed their companies by continuously updating their products and I found it amusing to take a picture of all the Sony products using my Sony Xperia phone.


The crowdsourced wall was thought provoking. Made up of 200 objects that shape the lives of people in over 25 countries in demonstrates the intimate relationships that people have with the objects around them. Next to the display is a list of all the people that submitted ideas and their most important objects.



As well as having a permanent collection that is free to visit there are also temporary exhibitions that have a fee to enter. I went to see the fear and love exhibition, I really loved the design museum but was not so enthused by this particular exhibition. The reactions to a complex world aims to challenge perceptions of what design is and how it is presented, there were certain elements that were more intriguing than others.

I really liked the material installation that looks at how we are mislead when it comes to our clothing that have inaccurate labelling, although it was so hard not to sink my hand into the mounds of fibres that looked very inviting. This particular exhibition is aimed more at adults and my 12 year old did seem a bit bored, although he was quite impressed with the robot who continually followed him around as he strolled back and forth.

This particular exhibition has now closed but there are some other interesting ones coming up including ‘California’ which documents California’s mid century modernism and ‘Cartier in motion’ which examines Cartier’s approach to watchmaking.

Have you visited the design museum yet?

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