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Robots @ the science museum


Who would have thought that robots went back 500 years!

This fascinating show begins with a very lifelike baby robot to greet you at the door and is followed by some other pretty freaky, yet interesting humanoids throughout.


You can really see how far technology has moved on as you move through the rooms of this exhibition, starting with a clock onto a life-size terminator and then robots that interact with people. I was brought back to my youth with some of the toys and movies featuring robots on show.



Focusing on why they exist rather than on how they work, the robots exhibition looks at the quest to make robots more human and explores the ways robots mirror humanity.

The installation is really interactive and I can imagine it would be very popular with inquisitive youngsters. I was really surprised by the way some robots are now being used, particularly the ones used for helping children with special needs.

A great show for those interested in electronics, engineering and all things robot! If you are planning to visit the robot exhibition it is on until 3rd September so would make a great day out over the summer holidays. This particular show is suitable for children 8+ years and does have an entrance fee but once you have been around you are free to explore the rest of the science museum at no extra cost!


11 thoughts on “Robots @ the science museum

  1. Oh how interesting does this look! I once wrote an essay at uni about what would happen if robots moved into our homes, upon doing research i discovered the “dark” uses for robots #KCACOLS but wont go into detail

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  2. Oh wow, thanks for sharing this! I most definitely need to take my boys – your photos look fab! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!


  3. This looks interesting and fun to explore with my kids. It’s nice to educate them with the latest advances in technology. That robot baby is a bit freaky though lol if that makes sounds I don’t know how my boys will react with that. #kcacols


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