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Art of the brick – Lego superheroes


I often look at amazing Lego structures and think I could probably make something similar but then I get to work and all that comes out of it is a staircase, one that doesn’t even stand up! So when I see art, such as these DC superheroes that were created by the likes of Nathan Sawaya, all I can do is marvel at them (marvel…get it)

The art of the brick is situated along London’s Southbank and is hard to miss. Upon entering the reception area that featured one Lego statue and a film, my 12 year old declared that it was the best exhibition he had ever been to, and I do drag him around to quite a few! But that was just the beginning. I was thinking there would probably be a few statues and that would be it but the rooms just kept coming.


It is amazing the amount of bricks that are used in each creation and alongside the statues is a caption from the artist with some information about the character and the amount of bricks that were used to make them.



One of my favourite superheroes is Batman and did you know that he is the only one that built himself so he is depicted here putting each brick onto his own arm.

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about superheroes as I love watching all the movies but there were many that I had never heard of and my son relished at being able to teach me all about them.



The little boy with the cape was in the room that encouraged the viewers to think about what superhero they would create. Who would you be?

The penguin was my favourite and was much cuter than Cobblepot, the character from Batman that he is based on.

After we got through all the rooms we reached the end off the exhibition but it wasn’t over! There were trays filled with all shapes and sizes of lego pieces so you could get stuck in and create your own masterpiece as well as a row of screens so you could play your favourite video games (can you guess which one the 12 year old chose?)



And even though the adults were getting stuck in with the Lego  there was also the option to relax with a coffee or browse the shop while the kids are preoccupied.


I have read mixed reviews about the art of the brick exhibition but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The entry price £16.50 for adults and £11.50 for kids but there are concessions and family tickets available. It is a temporary exhibition but will be around until September so perfect for a summer holiday trip and because it is situated on the Southbank there is loads of other things you could do while there. If you get peckish then grab a bite to eat at Feng sushi or cool down with a frozen yoghurt at Snog.

Who is your favourite superhero?

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