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Lloyds pharmacy showcase


When faced with a new illness or symptoms that appear out of the blue, what is the first thing you do? If you’re anything like me you automatically turn to Dr Google and end up finding out that you have the worst possible disease known to man. Trying to see a real doctor can often be a task in itself, whether it is having to book weeks in advance, trying to get through at exactly 8am for a same day appointment along with 50 other patients or sitting for two hours in the waiting room during a walk in session. It is not just the waiting, sometimes you may have a niggling worry but feel like you don’t want to waste the doctors time but there are other options to reassure yourself.

Lloyds pharmacy recently held their first showcase press event to highlight all the services available in their stores nationwide and I found out that they specialise in specific areas from skincare to pain relief.

I was invited to the Lloyds pharmacy live event to find out about the range of services on offer to customers who can just pop into their local branch or book a visit in advance.

  • Type 2 diabetes check
  • Medicines check up
  • Asthma treatment and advice
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Pain management service
  • Sexual health service
  • Stop smoking service
  • Cholesterol and heart health service
  • Skin analysis testing
  • Travel vaccinations


The event had loads of professionals from the pharmacy and brand reps to advise on products and services.

I have recently been suffering with wheezing and coughing in the morning it continues for around half an hour before it disappears. After a quick search on the internet I came to the conclusion that I must be getting asthma. I mentioned this to the Lloyds pharmacy respiration expert who suggested it could be hayfever, which would make sense considering I also get watery eyes and sneezing fits. He said I could try hayfever treatment and was still worried to have a breathing test done.

I also spoke to the skin specialist because I have really dry flaky skin on my face. I had a test using the skin analysis machine. This system uses both scientific and objective assessment of the skin to measure a number of factors including, hydration, PH levels, elasticity and sebum. The conclusion was that my elasticity was good but the other areas suggested my skin was really dry. Rather than suggest specific products I was given feedback on the ingredients I should look for in the products I choose to use.


Lloyds pharmacy stock well known products from loads of different brands, a few of which include

  • Westlab
  • innovo
  • Bio-Kult
  • Enterosgel
  • QVS
  • Betovivo
  • Canesten
  • Nailner

Those in attendance were given a range of products to take away and try out. I am particularly interested in using the Berocca because, well a boost of energy can never be  bad thing and rather than sugar which energy drinks are full of, Berocca just contains a mix of vitamins.

My Perfect eyes is described as a non-surgical cosmetic miracle and claims to temporarily erase puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. I have given this a try, it feels really strange like a slight pulling and creates a web like structure under your eye. I can say I do have lines under my eyes with a slightly darker patch and I definitely noticed a difference with this product. I do not wear many cosmetic products and probably wouldn’t use this on a daily basis but I was very impressed and will use it if I am going out.

In an attempt to improve my skin I am in search of really good night cream (recommendations welcome) that I will use after the Nip and Fab exfoliation night pads.

I would probably only visit a pharmacy to pick up a prescription before but I feel much more confident about seeing a pharmacist regarding minor incidents or symptoms to seek advice, I mean they are probably just as qualified as a doctor and have a greater understanding about medications, plus they are available at anytime during opening hours and I don’t have to book an appointment to see them.

Do you ever take advantage of the services at your local Lloyds pharmacy?

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