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Jubilee market – Covent garden


With the summer season upon us it is a great time to shop outdoors at the many markets that London has to offer. When I was younger I spent loads of time at markets, from food shopping with my mum at Hoxton market to clothes shopping with my friends down Petticoat lane, but I have rarely visited any since.

A couple of months back I went to Borough market and it had changed so much, and more recently I decided to pop into the Jubilee market in Covent garden because I hadn’t been inside before and thought I would have a gander at what was for sale.

Jubilee market is open everyday. Mondays is the antiques day, the weekend is for arts and crafts and the rest of the week it plays host to a general market. I visited on a Saturday and it was full of all sorts from candles to baby vests and even tiny models made out of various metallic materials.




I love that a place with a huge amount of visitors and tourists has a market with small businesses selling their unique creations. I think this is somewhere I will be returning to closer to Christmas as they have gifts that could cater for everyone.

The highlight for me was the sweet shop at the back where we picked up some tradition sweets and reminisced about all the sweets of our childhood, rosey apples or rhubarb and custard? White chocolate mice or bon bons? Just too many to choose!


I hope to visit many other markets over the summer and do my bit to support smaller businesses. Which markets would you recommend in London?



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