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A very sweet gallery

A wise man (his name was Samual Johnson) once said ‘A man that is tired of London is tired of life’ and I wholeheartedly agree with him. For those that are constantly craving new adventures, seek to eat cutting edge cuisines or even want a quiet oasis surrounded by trees then London is the place for you!

What I love about the city is that it is constantly renewing itself. There are the places that you have to visit at least once (although many go back again and again) such as The Victoria and Albert or the British museum and then there are the pop up places that will be there for a couple of months, a few weeks or even just for two days!

While surfing the Time out website I came across a link to the Maynards Bassetts sweet gallery in Soho. It was just a two day event showing artwork made out of sweets…sounds like my kind of thing! So I decided to book some tickets for myself and my daughter (she loves sweets as much as me) and the great thing was, it was free!

We arrived at the space after a very long journey (don’t ask) and it was quite small, obviously popular which meant a bit cramped and one of the warmest days of the year…the combination wasn’t great!

Considering the size of the exhibition space there was a lot going on! Probably less art work than I was expecting but there was a space where you could create your very own piece of artwork using sweets and pipe cleaners, there was also a fairground style claw machine but bags of sweets are not the easiest thing to try and win in one of those!



At the back of the space a lady was handing out pick n mix bags to help yourself to all the Maynards Bassetts sweets, this was a nice touch and my daughter was in her element, I think she left with the most bulging bag possible.

As we were leaving we thought we would give the claw machine one last try, we didn’t succeed but was given a bag of sweets from the guy behind the counter anyway.


It’s a shame that I am avoiding sugar at the moment and have had to give all my sweets away but I will definitely be looking out for other places that pop up over summer, especially if they are free!



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