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Photography project – #vantagepoint


There is something quite magical about the fairground carousel, the old Victorian style gives them an eloquence that other rides just don’t have.

I wouldn’t really associate Paris with the carousel but while I was there recently I saw loads of them and they are so pretty that you just cant help taking photos of them. When I was asked recently to share one of my favourite travel photos for the #vantagepoint project I chose this one because I love the detail and the colours against the blue sky.

I took the photo on my newest camera which is the Canon 5d mark iii. I absolutely love the camera and just want to bring it everywhere with me to take photos. The only problem is the size of it, I cant just whip it out every time something catches my eye and carrying it around my neck can be a strain. What would be the perfect travel companion is the Light L16 which is described as the worlds most advanced mobile camera and is made by the Light company who are running the #vantagepoint project.

What camera do you use to capture your favourite moments?


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