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Rum kitchen with the cake app

The cake app is like the Uber for restaurants, book a table, turn up, order, eat and pay using your mobile phone…simple! (sorry no cake involved, unless you order it for desert)


When I was offered the chance to review the cake app I couldn’t really say no, I seem to have become accustomed to eating out lately…get me! and I love to try new places.

Our experience didn’t start off too well, we arranged to eat at Counter restaurant in Vauxhall but upon arrival we were faced with a note on the door saying it was temporarily closed and had to book a table somewhere else. Luckily there are over 150 quality restaurants that all accept the cake app so it wasn’t difficult to find an alternative.

We thought we would try somewhere a bit closer to home (just in case there were anymore hiccups) and opted for Rum kitchen in Brixton. My partner comes from a Jamaican family and we eat Caribbean food all the time so we were really looking forward to trying what rum kitchen had to offer.

I had no idea how the cake app worked before first use and was a bit paranoid that my battery would die or the Wi-Fi would stop working and I wouldn’t be able to open it. As we were seated I opened the app and was surprised to see that it was welcoming us to the restaurant and asked if we wanted to grab a tab but then I got worried when I opened it again to show the waitress our tab number and it just showed the loading symbol for a good five minutes.

The restaurant was really spacious, well decorated with shelves displaying rum and chilli sauce and an open kitchen so you could see all the mouth-watering dishes as they ready to be served. Now you can’t visit somewhere named the rum kitchen without sampling the rum so when the app eventually worked we placed our order.


Luckily it was happy hour so the cocktails were on offer. We ordered a Ting Wray and a happy daiquiri and with the strength of the rum in these I was a little tipsy before the food arrived.

I ordered the jerk bowl which contained three boneless pieces of jerk chicken, rice and peas and coleslaw with watermelon and pineapple, it seemed a bit strange having the fruit in with the food but it added a nice sweetness to the dish, the only problem was the watermelon seeds were not removed so I had to pick them all out.

The OH had jerk wings with spicy fried chicken and a side of callaloo, spinach and ackee (he has a big appetite) he liked the food but said it wasn’t as authentic as his home made dishes and described it as a Caribbean nando’s. Saying that I am not sure if they are trying to be completely authentic, it seems more like they are putting their own spin on the Caribbean cuisine.



I wasn’t going to order a desert but then I saw a coconut ice cream with coffee which I was intrigued by. I thought it would be ice-cream with a coffee flavoured sauce but when it arrived I was a bit confused.


Do you drink the coffee and then eat the ice-cream? Eat the ice-cream and then drink the coffee? Either way would have played havoc with my sensitive teeth so I just decided to pour the coffee on top, that seems right doesn’t it? but then it just tasted a bit weird like a coffee flavoured milkshake but anyway, it still went down ok!

So we reached the end of the meal and it was time to use the app, I was expecting to put it on and already have the bill ready to pay as I thought the purpose was to cut out having to call the waitress back over but it instructed me to inform the staff that I was ready to pay so they could update it, it would be useful if the staff just automatically did this when you place your final order.


The waitress asked me to refresh my page to show my bill so I reloaded it only to be faced with the loading page again, I could have probably paid the bill about five times over before the app had finally loaded. To be fair the signal was really bad in the restaurant so I am not sure it was the fault of the app but it was really frustrating having to wait for it to load in order to pay. I was going to go outside and see if worked faster but I thought they might think I’m doing a runner without paying so I waited it out until I had finally paid the bill.

I think the concept of the cake app is great, a few of the positives…

  • The app is really easy to navigate and simple to use
  • If your friends have the app you can find them on your app so everyone pays their own share
  • There are loads of participating restaurants
  • Many restaurants give you a discount in the form of credit.

Rum kitchen gave me 10% of my bill back. I was kindly given £40 credit in order to review the cake app and my bill came to £52. I paid the difference using my card that I had previously registered and was then rewarded with £5.20 credit to use at any participating restaurant in the future.

Although my first experience didn’t go as smoothly as expected I feel much more confident about using the cake app and will definitely be giving it another try, there are so many more restaurants to try and I need to build my credit up.


*written in collaboration with the cake app, all thoughts my own



6 thoughts on “Rum kitchen with the cake app

  1. I’m not sure I can really see the point of it – surely you can just pay with your phone by using apple / android pay? I think, like you say, the lack of connectivity in lots of restaurants and bars could prove to be really tricky.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


    1. Yes it’s true, there are so many options to pay nowadays! I think the biggest incentive is that you can earn cash back on your bill, I love getting paid to eat 😉


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