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7 deadly sins at the London Dungeon


The 7 deadly sins at the London dungeon is an adult only themed food evening running on a Friday throughout June.

This is definitely an experience like no other, not sure where else combines the facts of a museum told through theatrical performance with food and drink thrown in which makes it a great night out, although saying that it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

The evening is a 75 minute tour that takes you along candle lit passageways through different parts of London, meeting historical figures that give you information about the goings on at the time including the murders by the infamous Sweeney Todd.


We started the evening getting into character by dressing for the occasion in Victorian style hats and sipping on green coloured cocktails. We were shown the menu so we were prepared for what would be offered at different sections of the tour.

menu – 7 deadly sins

Some of the food on offer was really nice, my favourites were Mrs Lovett’s pies and the sausage and mash which had a strong mustard taste. If the drink is alcoholic then it must be watered down quite a bit because I am usually a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and I didn’t feel tipsy in the slightest. I thought the concept of it relating to the seven deadly sins was clever and there was a good selection of food and drink.



I wasn’t too keen on the way it works as a guided tour because I like to take my own time when looking around, I suppose this is so everyone gets to see the actors but I spent most of the time trying to avoid their glare as I hate being the centre of attention and didn’t want to be picked out by them. One of the rooms is a courthouse and a few members of our group were picked out as criminals, it’s all fun and games as long as I am not the one in the dock!

I understand there are usually a couple of rides in the London dungeons which are not featured in this particular event, I feel like they could enhance the experience because it did feel that there was something missing and I wasn’t scared as much as I was expecting to be. I would have had more photos but we were asked not to use cameras throughout the tour, I assume this is because the actors want to keep your attention and the cameras/phones can be distracting.

The ticket for the 7 deadly sins is £59 which for me seems a little steep but if you like an immersive show and are a bit of a foodie I think this would suit a group of friends as a prelude to a night out.

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