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Put fresh to the test – Win a years supply of flowers and a £200 Oasis voucher


I’m sure by now you are familiar with the term Oooops moment. It is a phrase that is used often to describe all those embarrassing mishaps that us women have to endure, one of the ones that is less talked about are the little leaks! Lights by TENA are constantly working to raise awareness of bladder weakness and here are a few facts they found out


  • Bladder weakness can be caused by the smallest of things including: coughing, sneezing or exercising
  • Up to 69% of pregnant women and new mums will experience light bladder weakness making it surprisingly common!
  • Experiencing light bladder weakness is the biggest concern for over a quarter of pregnant women in the UK
  • 1 in 5 women would rather go a week with out make up than speak out about their bladder weakness problem and over half label it as a taboo subject!


The latest campaign running by Lights by TENA is ‘Put fresh to the test’ they want to know what you really think about their products and how fresh you feel while wearing them, all you have to do is visit the review hub and leave your feedback.




There are many products to chose from and if you feel they could be helpful to you but haven’t yet tried them then just request a free sample.



I was sent this lovely Lush giftset and my own sample of Lights by TENA and now my house is full of the floral fragrance. Yours could be the same all year round with a years supply of fresh flowers so head over and give your feedback!


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