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Bodean’s – Covent garden

Bodean’s is described as London’s original BBQ smokehouse and was the brainchild of Andre Blais. Back in 2002 his dream was to bring the taste, the style and the soul of his beloved Kanvas city barbeque to the UK. There are currently 8 branches across London.

I am a fan of Bodean’s food, it is really tasty but I find the restaurants themselves a bit too overcrowded. I once visited the Clapham branch with the OH and we had to share a table with another couple we didn’t know which made for an awkward meal! Maybe this is because they are so popular.


We arrived at the Covent garden branch without a reservation on a Saturday afternoon and was told they could fit us in which was a good job as I was starving. After being shown to our table we waited a good 20 minutes before even being asked if we wanted a drink, the table next to us arrived after us and had their drinks and ordered food before the waiter had even approached us which was quite annoying, especially as the waiter told us we couldn’t be long at the table as we hadn’t pre booked.

When our food eventually arrived it was definitely worth the wait…




Bodean’s is the perfect place for meat lovers, we were all thoroughly filled up and had no room for dessert! Reasonably priced at under £60 for four of us I would certainly return for more food, it’s just a shame that the service was so slow!

Have you ever tried Bodean’s, what did you think?

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