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A guide to using external camera flashes

I am a lover of natural light and feel much more comfortable controlling the exposure on my camera when outdoors where there is loads of available light, but there are occasions when this is not always possible.

An external camera flash is a powerful piece of equipment that opens up a lot of opportunities to improve photos particularly when there is low or unavailable light. By having the option of adding an external light, you can control exposure as well as reducing ISO noise control. External camera flashes are most useful when shooting indoors, particularly at events and celebrations where it is important to capture those special moments.

If like me you find it all a bit technical then here is a simple guide to the terms used and the accessories that go along with using a camera flash.

camera flashes

If you are interested in purchasing an external flash for your camera then check out the Reviews Bee guide to the top 10 best camera flashes that are available to purchase on Amazon. Reviews Bee is a website dedicated to consumers, and performs conclusive research on products so that you don’t have to!

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