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Jimmy’s world grill @ O2


After our adventure on the Emirates cable car which you may have seen on a previous post, we returned to Greenwich in search of something to eat.

As well as being one of the countries largest music and events venues the o2 is also home to a vast amount of food and drink establishments including well known restaurants such as Harvester, Nando’s and Pizza express. We decided we wanted to try something a bit different and opted for a mixture of food at Jimmy’s world bar and grill.

We thought the £9.99 price was really reasonable although I was surprised that this didn’t include soft drinks like similar buffet restaurants I have been to. I suppose the price would be higher because of the prime location. Children under 10 are half price and children under 3 are free which is great if you have little ones! unfortunately I don’t!



The restaurant itself is really large and seats 400 people. It was about half full when we arrived so seemed to be a popular choice for visitors to the o2. Usually you are given a 2 hour slot but because of the time we arrived we only had 50 minutes, this is because between 4 and 5 o’clock the restaurant changes over to the evening menu and so we had to leave by 4. If I had known this before going in I probably would have eaten elsewhere because I then felt like I had to rush my food and didn’t really get the opportunity to browse all the dishes that were available.



When we were shown to our table we were told that a waiter would come and take our drinks order and we could help ourselves to food. The waitress didn’t arrive until we were on our second plate of food which is another reason why a place that is so big should offer an option to include drink in the price so you can help yourself.

The food was tasty and filling but I was expecting a much wider range (maybemore is available in the evening as the price does go up then) I think because the food is kept in large lidded metal containers it puts you off trying out different meals because you cant be bothered to lift them all up to see what is in them We stuck with the curry and the pizza dishes but wanted to leave room for dessert too.



As our table was quite far from the food I asked the kids to bring me dessert while they were getting theirs. They thought the ice cream was really nice but wasn’t impressed with the options on offer.

Our experience of Jimmy’s wasn’t really great but I would go back because I think if we had more time we would have enjoyed our meal more and got better value for our money.

There are six branches of Jimmy’s across the country, have you ever visited any?


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