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currently reading


I have now read 21 books out of my 45 book target so still shy of halfway…eek!

I am back at University soon and will be writing my dissertation so will be including any books I have to read for that, only if they are novel type books, not text books that I will be scanning or skimming for information! My dissertation is all about people that make a living through their photographs via social media without having any formal training as opposed to the more traditional way of becoming a photographer. I have bought the books The cult of the amateur and The medium is the massage and will be visiting the library next week to find some more.

The other books on my list include my usual favourite thriller types Blood sisters and The breakdown which is by the same author as Behind closed doors, one that I really enjoyed a couple of months ago. I saw that Everything, Everything has now been released as a film and it has been in my wish list for some time so I ordered it to read before watching the movie. I also downloaded some books for my kindle so I can read on the go, I chose these two which were both free on the kindle store and can possibly help me to hold onto summer for a bit longer.

Now if you read my last update then I would definitely recommend A thousand splendid suns and Small great things. They are both completely different but as equally heart-breaking and thought provoking. As I was reading Small great things I imagined it being set in the 60’s but then realised it was actually 2015. It is easy to forget the struggles that others are facing in the world when you are not exposed to it and I am definitely grateful for growing up in a more accepting part of the world.

Another of the books that surprised me was The Saturday supper club. It has been on my shelf for ages and I wasn’t expecting much from it (that old chestnut – you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover) but actually I found it quite enchanting, think Come dine with me meets Jeremy Kyle.

Hopefully my next update wont be too long as I have a lot of books to catch up on! Any recommendations?

12 thoughts on “currently reading

  1. I need to find time to read more, I am currently struggling to find anything to draw me in enough to encourage me to read not watch TV.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols, we hope you can join us again.


  2. Ah I love reading! I am only just back into it after months and months of not reading at all. I read the breakdown during the summer and I really didn’t love it. I just found the whole thing so unreal and unbelievable! I LOVED behind closed doors so I was really disappointed. #KCACOLS


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