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Photography project – Kensington Palace

I recently attended Kensington palace to photograph some beautiful florals at an event that was taking place there. While waiting for the displays to be set up I thought I would take a look around and photograph the amazingly ornate rooms as I have never visited the palace before.








The rooms were really spectacular and I heard the gardens are just as beautiful but I didn’t have time or energy to go looking around after spending hours photographing so I hope to go back and have a look around the outside on another day.

Have you ever visited any of the royal palaces?

3 thoughts on “Photography project – Kensington Palace

  1. OMG this is really amazing and how
    Fabulous that you got the opportunity to take these shots too. I would love to visit! Imagine living here, WOW! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot 📸


    1. I think everywhere I photographed is open to the public but next to red room (I think it’s called the kings Hall) is where the royals live. Would love to have a sneak around there to take photos 😉


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