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Currently reading


We are over a week into the 10th month and I have so far made it to 27 books out of my 45 target. I am knee deep into my dissertation which has to be complete by December so im sure my reading for leisure will take it’s toll but it is a great way to take some time out when needed.

This month I have the fifth letter which is a bit of a mystery thriller about a group of friends who decide to each write an anonimous letter containing a secret, only an extra letter turns up and nobody knows who it’s from!

The stranger in my home is about a women with a seemingly perfect life until she finds out her teenage daughter is not actually hers as someone else took her baby home from the hospital.

As it says on Falling, it is a love story which I don’t read very often so will make a nice change. I wonder if it is actually just a love story if there is more to it?

Lastly I will be reading Hold still, a memoir with photographs by Sally Mann. I am reading this as part of my dissertation but I am actually looking forward to it as it sounds really interesting. Sally is a famous photographer who sparked controversy after taking posed photos of her naked and injured children and also made a project about teenage girls which was seen as distasteful. It will be great to read about her work from her point of view!

My recommendations from my last reading pile are Everything Everything which is an extraordinary story with fun illustrations, it really makes you think about life and how we choose to spend it. The breakdown was also a great book, a bit frustrating at times but still an enjoyable read. Im still working my way through my kindle books from my last update so am not going to add any more this time.

Do you have a reading target this year?

6 thoughts on “Currently reading

  1. Lovely recommendation:) and 27 books? it’s really great achievement 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time


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