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Fair luxury presents @ Goldsmiths’ centre

The Goldsmiths’ centre in Farringdon is described as a unique community for design, creativity and craftsmanship. It is a leading charity for professional training and plays host to events, exhibitions, workshops and studio space. I visited after hearing about the Fair luxury responsibly sourced jewellery selling exhibition.



As I walked through the entrance I was greeted by the exhibition that filled the bright and airy atrium. It consisted of photographs of miners in Uganda, taken by photographer Ian Berry as well as loads of information about ethical and sustainable extraction of raw materials.

You may have seen in my photography post taken at New Covent garden market that I am working on a project following the journey of a flower and this project is really similar following the journey of gold, from being mined to travelling across the world to be made into stunning jewellery pieces, so I thought it would be great to visit the exhibition for my research.


I really loved that the photographs were very focused on the people and that hard work that goes into mining. The description for this photo is ‘A sluice cloth, used in the process of partitioning gold from sediment, is washed in a river basin adjacent to the mine’

Further along are photos of the gold after it travelled to the UK.


The second photo here shows how the ‘maker Tony Power, uses a precision gauge to measure and manipulate the width of a solid gold ring.’

As well as photographs the exhibition also featured a film and display cabinets filled with jewellery created by fairtrade gold licensees.






There were some really beautiful pieces of jewellery and each one had a note about the designer and descriptions about individual pieces.

The Goldsmiths’ gallery was a perfect space for this exhibition and I will be looking out for future events there. If you would like to see fair luxury presents it is only open until 27th October but it is free to visit.

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