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Getty images gallery

You may have heard of Getty images which is one of the biggest photo agencies around. Many of their photos are featured in the news, sport and editorial sector. Situated a short walk from Oxford Circus station is the Getty images gallery which offers unique access to one of the greatest photographic collections in the world


The gallery showcases different exhibitions on a regular basis and we visited during the Renaissance photography prize 2017.





The exhibition was filled with loads of interesting images that fit into the categories Identity, Border and Life. Surprisingly I noticed that the image above of the boy in the red top was actually taken by my daughters best friend’s dad… what a small world!

One of the images I really liked was this portrait of an older lady, it wasn’t until I looked at it twice that I realised she had an animal on her head.




Even though the gallery was fairly small it still had this cute little seating area because when you are spending the day looking around photography galleries it is nice to take the weight off when you can.

A lot of people in my group were not a fan of the images all being shown in the same generic way; same size with plain white frame, but I really like the simplicity and that each image can be judged equally without giving the opportunity to wow by way of presentation but by the photograph itself.

From now until 23rd December the Getty images gallery are showing and selling a range of stock for up to 50% off in their seasonal sale.


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