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New year, New reads


I had a very busy last few months to 2017 and didn’t get much chance to read so was way off my yearly target to read 45 books. I finished with 32 but I am pretty sure I can achieve the 45 this year and have had a good start so far.

I finished two books that I started over the Christmas holidays and have put together my first set to get stuck into.

I am really intrigued by Hackney child as I was a Hackney child myself and I grew up in the care system like the author Hope Daniels, we are also around the same age so I’m interested to read about her experiences.

I received Behind Her Eyes and Truly Madly Guilty as a Christmas gift from my daughter and funnily enough I bought Behind Her Eyes for my other daughter so we now have two copies of it! They both look really good so looking forward to getting stuck into them.

I have read a couple of Dorothy Koomson books before and really enjoyed them. This one has been on my shelf for a few months so I’m glad to finally be getting round to reading it.

I also have a couple of books downloaded onto my kindle for when I’m out and about…

Here are a few of the books I read last year…

2017 books


There were some that I really devoured including –ย  Everything, Everything, The Breakdown, Small Great Things and Dear Amy and I don’t think there were any that were a drag to read so pretty successful!

What have you got on your new year reading list?

35 thoughts on “New year, New reads

  1. It looks like we have very similar taste in books. I love, love, love Dorothy Koomson, however, I do find them emotionally draining. I am yet to read this one but it is in my to read list #kcacols


  2. Reading is such a fantastic way to lose yourself in a new world without leaving your cozy home. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Oh wow I donโ€™t think I even read one book ๐Ÿ™ˆ you did amazing. Iโ€™ve got Yes Maโ€™am to read his year. A gift from my Mum. I became interested in in the life of princess Margaret after watching the crown and my step dad says itโ€™s a great read.


    If you havenโ€™t then you so need to read A Streetcat named bob before watching the film. X


  4. As a child I spent most of my time with my nose buried in a book. Just lately I’ve barely read at all.

    Hackney Child certainly sounds interesting. I’ll be heading to Amazon to check it out.



  5. I remember he days pre-kids, when I read a novel a week, easily. Now, not so much and I am as envious of your reading as I am of Franca’s travels! I have downloaded Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult and I am dying to dig in. Keep on turning those pages. I will get there again! Thanks for the list, too! #kcacols


  6. Strangely enough, I have also linked up a blog post about books I loved in 2017 and books I want to read in 2018!! One of my favourite books from last year was Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty. I loved that book!! I have just finished reading two books by Matt Haig – The Humans and How to Stop Time. Both were brilliant and I highly recommend! Thanks for hosting #KCACOLS.


  7. I’ve got about 5 books on my shelf needing to be read, I have book shame that I havent got round to reading them yet…this is my year:)


  8. I feel bad now, I still haven’t finished the book I started over a year ago – that’s awful, isn’t it? I do actually love reading, but blogging activities (and TV) seem to have got in the way. I will read more this year, it’s one of my goals. Your book count is very impressive though! #KCACOLS


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