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Currently reading

This is my latest reading pile and I cannot wait to get stuck in!

I have been on a bit of a spree on Amazon and have loads of books waiting for me so I hope to get through this lot, alongside my kindle downloads, within a few weeks at least. It shouldn’t be too hard as I am off on holiday for a week and plan to do nothing but read, sunbathe, eat, swim and sleep. I am definitely going to make the most of the relaxation as the new term and my new job start the day after we return.

Everything I Never Told You – As a favourite child, Lydia is expected to pursue all the dreams her parents were not able to but then her body is found in the local lake causing chaos and destroying the family. This book is described as a gripping page turner and a family portrait about love, lies and race. I haven’t really seen this book talked about even though it was released in 2014 and is a New York times bestseller, it sounds really interesting.

This Is Going To Hurt – 97 hour weeks, life and death decisions and a tsunami of bodily fluids. This book is the diary of Adam Kay, comedian and former Junior doctor revealing his experiences during the endless days and sleepless nights. I imagine this is going to be really enjoyable, particularly as it is written in diary form and comes from a personal perspective.

The Beach Wedding – Tessa has to face deadly ghosts from her past as she welcomes her daughter to the beach resort for her wedding where a previous experience had changed her life. I picked up a couple of these quick reads as they were only £1 and I am a great fan of Dorothy Koomson books, even though this seems a bit different from her usual reads.

How To Be Happy – After Annie has been sad for so long Polly has a hundred days to help her find happiness but is letting others in a risk worth taking? I know you should never judge a book by its cover but I have to admit that the fact it was so colourful and about being happy I couldn’t help myself but to buy it!

Keep You Safe – Kate and Madeline both have very different views on parenting but one of them makes a fateful decision that sees her being accused of being a terrible mother, should she be vilified or was she just trying to keep her children safe? The blurb on this book doesn’t give much away so I’m quite intrigued to see what actually happens!


I haven’t really got any psychological thrillers in my book pile so I have a couple on my phone and I also like self help books so thought I would try this classic to see if I can pick up some new productive habits.

I have so far read 23 out of 45 books for my yearly target which I think is pretty good even though I have to catch up a bit.

From my last reading post I loved Into the Darkest corner which jumped between Catherine’s past and present as she endured an abusive relationship and how she learnt to cope with the consequences. I also really enjoyed The Lost Swimmer which was a bit of a mystery even though it was a slow burner and The Queen and I was an amusing book, although hard to imagine the royal family actually living on a council estate. I wasn’t much of a fan of The Chocolate lovers diet, it started off well, getting to know each of the characters but turned into a bit of a diabetes inducing cheese fest with the amount of chocolate references and the way everything seemed to be predictable.

What do you currently have on your reading list?

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Currently reading

We are now halfway through the year and I am a bit behind with my reading target. So far I have read 17 books and need to get to 45! I am free at the moment as I have finished university and am not getting much response from my job applications (I do have an interview on 10th July so fingers crossed) so as the weather is so nice I have been in the garden reading and hope to get a few more days where I can relax and enjoy the summer.

I have a mix of books in my pile and on my kindle this month, some light-hearted, a couple of thrillers and a self help book.

The queen and I – This is a bit of a satire where the queen and the rest of her fam are banished from their royal residence and sent to live on a housing estate in the Midlands when the republicans come into power. I am a fan of the Royals and love the idea of them living amongst us normal people so looking forward to seeing how they cope without the luxuries they are used to.

The lost swimmer – Rebecca is accused of a crime and suspects her husband Steven of having an affair so in an attempt to put their lives back together they go travelling. When Steven goes missing after taking a swim off the Amalfi coast, fresh allegations are made against Rebecca but will she be able to uncover the deceit that has followed her? I find thrillers the easiest to read because I am always so eager to see what happens, I like the sound of this one!

The House of Elliot – Two very different sisters fight to assert themselves in the fashion industry by setting up their own fashion house to rival those in Paris. This story follows the strengths and anguishes that accompany the rise of the House of Elliot. Not my usual type of book but I got it when I bought a set of summer reads and it has been on my shelf for a few years so thought it was time I got round to reading it.

The chocolate lovers diet – The chocolate lovers club is a group of women all going through problems in the love lives and who better to turn to than each other? I imagine this will be a typical summer romance novel which you have to read a couple of over the summer holidays, only problem is I suspect I will want to eat chocolate every time I pick it up!

On my Kindle I have The Note which has been on there a while. An unforgettable romance based on the authors true story of how a little note can change everything…sounds intriguing! I am already half way through Into the darkest corner and have found it really gripping, I actually look forward to having a spare 10 minutes so I can get a few pages in. It jumps between Catherine’s chilling past and how she is coping with it in the present. Think Small is a simple and accessible plan for success based on seven scientifically tested steps. I will let you know if it works when I reach those big goals after reading it.

From my last reading pile I recommend In a cottage in a wood, it is quite creepy but I feel that the main character is relatable and you feel endeared to her. The storyline is interesting and you feel like you want to really analyse all the characters to see what they’re hiding. The Secret child was also a good read. Although a true story of a 1950s Dublin child, it reads like a novel and occasionally jumps between the past and present as the author takes a trip back to his childhood home.

What will you be reading over the summer?

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A floral perspective – Photography book

I am just getting my head around the fact that I am no longer a photography student and thinking about what my next steps in life are, does it mean I am now a professional photographer?

Well I am the owner of a new photography book! When I say photography book I don’t mean that it is available to buy in a store near you…not yet anyway. This is a book that I created for my final degree show to display alongside a couple of prints that I took on my recent trip to Holland’s Keukenhof gardens and Aalsmeer auction market.

The book is a collection of still life images, some of which I shared on a previous post and are of one of my favourite subjects…flowers!







The photos are accompanied by simple definitions of parts of a flower to get the viewer thinking about the flower as a whole and seeing them in a different perspective.

I have only included a few of the pages so if you want to see the full thing you will just have to visit our degree show which will be shown at the Free Range festival, at the Truman Brewery, in Bethnal green between 22nd and 25th of June. There will be loads of work on show from graduates across the country and it is a free event so you don’t want to miss out!


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Currently reading

It seems like forever since I last posted a currently reading post and I must admit I am behind with the amount of books I have wanted to read so far this year (I think I am currently on 10) but I have a new pile to get stuck into and hopefully with the sun making an appearance I can spend some time in the garden getting my tan on and catching up!

This month I have a mix, I cant resist a bit of a thriller but have also added a true story and something a bit more light hearted.

The loving husband – When Fran wakes one night to find her husband Nathan missing, she makes a devastating discovery. Questions about their relationship start to mount and Fran’s life begins to spiral out of control.

I am already three quarters of the way through this and enjoying it. It is quite creepy particularly reading it at night time with a quiet house as I usually do! Although I have nearly finished it, I’m still not sure where the story is going which is always a good sign.

It started with a tweet – When Daisy’s social media obsession causes her to make a catastrophic mistake at work, her sister Rosie suggests a digital detox at a remote cottage but will the hunk next door be enough of a distraction to survive without her phone?

I imagine this story is something we can all relate to, I know I could probably do with a digital detox but it is hard to imagine life with our online world nowadays! I love that fellow blogger Louise Pentland’s review is on the front cover and she says it’s “The perfect laugh-out-loud love story”

Secret child – The inspiring story of a boy born in 1950’s Dublin and raised as a secret child in a home for unmarried mothers as his own mother was so determined to keep him, he was hidden from the world including the rest of her family.

I do love a true story, particularly those based in a different era as it gives a great idea of what the time was actually like. Looking forward to reading this one!

In a cottage in a wood – Neve comes across a stranger named Isabelle on a bridge, who hands her something before jumping to her death in the Thames below. A couple of weeks later she finds out that a charming cottage has been left to her by Isabelle, is this a solution to her problems in London or the beginning of her worst nightmare?

I really like the sound of this book it seems quite dark and I imagine it will be a gripping read, I think I’ll read it in the day rather than at night though!

As well as these I have also been downloading books onto my Kindle and have realised that with my Prime subscription I can borrow up to 10 books/magazines from a selection so have a long list waiting for me. I am currently making my way through these two…

From my last list of books my favourites were Behind Her Eyes which I thoroughly recommend just for the unexpected ending and When I was Invisible because I love the way Dorothy Koomson writes. I was expecting a lot from Truly Madly Guilty as it was praised by so many people but I was left disappointed. It was a good book but I felt it dragged a bit and with six main characters I had to keep going back to remind myself of who was who.

Hopefully I will get through these quicker than the last, what have you got on your reading pile at the moment?

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New year, New reads


I had a very busy last few months to 2017 and didn’t get much chance to read so was way off my yearly target to read 45 books. I finished with 32 but I am pretty sure I can achieve the 45 this year and have had a good start so far.

I finished two books that I started over the Christmas holidays and have put together my first set to get stuck into.

I am really intrigued by Hackney child as I was a Hackney child myself and I grew up in the care system like the author Hope Daniels, we are also around the same age so I’m interested to read about her experiences.

I received Behind Her Eyes and Truly Madly Guilty as a Christmas gift from my daughter and funnily enough I bought Behind Her Eyes for my other daughter so we now have two copies of it! They both look really good so looking forward to getting stuck into them.

I have read a couple of Dorothy Koomson books before and really enjoyed them. This one has been on my shelf for a few months so I’m glad to finally be getting round to reading it.

I also have a couple of books downloaded onto my kindle for when I’m out and about…

Here are a few of the books I read last year…

2017 books


There were some that I really devoured including –  Everything, Everything, The Breakdown, Small Great Things and Dear Amy and I don’t think there were any that were a drag to read so pretty successful!

What have you got on your new year reading list?

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Currently reading


We are over a week into the 10th month and I have so far made it to 27 books out of my 45 target. I am knee deep into my dissertation which has to be complete by December so im sure my reading for leisure will take it’s toll but it is a great way to take some time out when needed.

This month I have the fifth letter which is a bit of a mystery thriller about a group of friends who decide to each write an anonimous letter containing a secret, only an extra letter turns up and nobody knows who it’s from!

The stranger in my home is about a women with a seemingly perfect life until she finds out her teenage daughter is not actually hers as someone else took her baby home from the hospital.

As it says on Falling, it is a love story which I don’t read very often so will make a nice change. I wonder if it is actually just a love story if there is more to it?

Lastly I will be reading Hold still, a memoir with photographs by Sally Mann. I am reading this as part of my dissertation but I am actually looking forward to it as it sounds really interesting. Sally is a famous photographer who sparked controversy after taking posed photos of her naked and injured children and also made a project about teenage girls which was seen as distasteful. It will be great to read about her work from her point of view!

My recommendations from my last reading pile are Everything Everything which is an extraordinary story with fun illustrations, it really makes you think about life and how we choose to spend it. The breakdown was also a great book, a bit frustrating at times but still an enjoyable read. Im still working my way through my kindle books from my last update so am not going to add any more this time.

Do you have a reading target this year?

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currently reading


I have now read 21 books out of my 45 book target so still shy of halfway…eek!

I am back at University soon and will be writing my dissertation so will be including any books I have to read for that, only if they are novel type books, not text books that I will be scanning or skimming for information! My dissertation is all about people that make a living through their photographs via social media without having any formal training as opposed to the more traditional way of becoming a photographer. I have bought the books The cult of the amateur and The medium is the massage and will be visiting the library next week to find some more.

The other books on my list include my usual favourite thriller types Blood sisters and The breakdown which is by the same author as Behind closed doors, one that I really enjoyed a couple of months ago. I saw that Everything, Everything has now been released as a film and it has been in my wish list for some time so I ordered it to read before watching the movie. I also downloaded some books for my kindle so I can read on the go, I chose these two which were both free on the kindle store and can possibly help me to hold onto summer for a bit longer.

Now if you read my last update then I would definitely recommend A thousand splendid suns and Small great things. They are both completely different but as equally heart-breaking and thought provoking. As I was reading Small great things I imagined it being set in the 60’s but then realised it was actually 2015. It is easy to forget the struggles that others are facing in the world when you are not exposed to it and I am definitely grateful for growing up in a more accepting part of the world.

Another of the books that surprised me was The Saturday supper club. It has been on my shelf for ages and I wasn’t expecting much from it (that old chestnut – you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover) but actually I found it quite enchanting, think Come dine with me meets Jeremy Kyle.

Hopefully my next update wont be too long as I have a lot of books to catch up on! Any recommendations?

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Currently reading


So far this year I have finished 15 out of my 45 book target on Goodreads so according to them I am 8 books behind (this may have something to do with my current obsession with Pretty Little Liars on Netflix) but I am determined to catch up over summer!

My recommendations from my last update are Sister Sister which is a real mystery, lots of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing! The couple next door was a good read, another thriller but not as much of a page turner as Behind closed doors. I found How not to fall in love actually dragged a bit but it was an easy read filled with humour and perfect for relaxing summer days in the garden.

Now onto the current selection…

I am a big fan of Jodi Picoult and always find her books really thought provoking. Small great things is about a black nurse working in a maternity ward where a baby of a racist man dies. I have just started this one and like how each chapter jumps between characters so you get to read from different points of view.

A thousand splendid suns is a book that has been on my to read list for many years so I was quite happy when I recently visited my mum and found it on her book shelf, looking forward to getting stuck in to this one.

On photography by Susan Sontag is a collection of essays and is the first book on the reading list when you start a photography degree. We looked at the first chapter in class but I never got round to finishing it so had to add it to my pile.

The Saturday supper club is one of the books that has been sitting on my shelf for years and I want to make sure I read those as well as buying new ones.

I didn’t have any thrillers on my reading pile so decided to add these two to my Kindle app to get my fix. Also I like to have books available on my Kindle to read if I’m out the house and don’t have any books on me.

What books are you reading?


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Currently reading


I finished all the books from my last update and would definitely recommend Dear Amy if you like a bit of mystery. Who’s that girl was also a nice read and you feel yourself empathising with the main character Evie as she deals with the fallout of kissing one of her work colleagues on his wedding day!

Now onto this set of books…

I appear to have an attraction towards the mysterious, thriller type novels at the moment and the pile in my Amazon wish list seems to be ever-growing! I started Behind closed doors on Thursday and was finished by Friday morning (I do love a book that you can’t put down) and really enjoyed it! So after finding out what happens behind closed doors I am going to see about what happens on the other side of the wall in The couple next door. This book is about a couple who attend a dinner party next door but as the neighbours didn’t want children in attendance they leave the baby asleep in their house, obviously nothing can go wrong in this situation… can it?

Sister, sister is about two girls; Alice – beautiful, kind, manipulative, liar. Claire – intelligent, loyal, paranoid, jealous. I am looking forward to reading about this sisterly relationship!

As it is summer I wanted something light hearted to sit in the garden with so I have included the chick lit novel How not to fall in love actually which is described as hilarious and heart-warming.

I have so far finished 12 of my target of 45 books for the year so I have some catching up to do, hopefully my next update wont be long. I have finished university for the year and have a lot more time on my hands and intend to spend it with my nose in a book.

What have you been reading?

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Photography project – Postcards from the elephant


As part of one of our university modules we were required to make a photobook. This involved

  • researching the photobook industry, including looking into the history of the photobook
  • coming up with a concept
  • taking photos
  • using Adobe Indesign to create the template for the book
  • sourcing the right paper that would work with our images
  • printing the book out
  • experimenting with different ways to bind the book together
  • producing a set to work as an edition
  • putting together a pop up shop to sell our books to the public.
  • Marketing the pop up shop through social media and advertising

My university is situated at the heart of SE1 in Elephant and Castle. The area is undergoing major changes with new buildings popping up all over the place and plans to knock down the shopping centre in the not so distant future. In the past couple of years I have already seen lots of changes such as the roundabout having a complete overhaul but the future plans seem really extreme and the word on the street is that it will become the new time square, surrounded by high rise blocks and hotels.

The idea for my book was to just capture little snippets of what Elephant and Castle look like now because lets face it we’re all quite sentimental about how things are now and not so susceptible to change. We like to look back on how our area was in ‘our time’ so I thought this would be memorable keepsake for the people that have a connection to Elephant and Castle as it is now. I have a few quotes from local people about their thoughts on the changes in the area and think they accompany the pictures well.









These are a few of the pages from the book and I will have an edition of 250 (yes I have chosen to hand make 250 books) They will be on sale at our pop up shop (see the enigma 31 Instagram page for the details and other fabulous books that are also on sale) and also in my Etsy store if you are interested in purchasing one!