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Another 10 places to visit in London


At the beginning of last year you may have seen that I wrote a post about 10 places I wanted to visit in London. I do love to travel but the majority of my life is spent in London so I want to make the most of all the amazing opportunities and experiences that are on offer in the city. I managed to tick most of the things off the List which I have written about throughout the year and will share below, but I thought it would be fun to see what else is out there and create another list for this year. I’m not normally one for making resolutions but I do like to write a list of things I would like to do or achieve throughout the year so these will be added to that.

Ticked off from last year…

Sky Garden

Definitely one of my favourite places I have visited this year and would love to go back again.


Emirates Cable car

Great experience although not much to see on the other side!


Somerset House

I actually went to about three different exhibitions here throughout the year, really lovely setting and has an ice rink at Christmas.


Kensington Gardens

I didn’t get to see much of the gardens as I visited late in the afternoon but had a lovely stroll around the Palace.


Borough Market

Another place I have been to a few times, so much delicious looking food in one market!


V & A museum

I never manage to see the whole museum when I visit the V & A because it is so grand so always ready to go back and have a mooch.


Afternoon tea

Chelsea harbour was the perfect setting for my first experience of afternoon tea and I am now eager to visit some other posh hotels for more finger sandwiches.


It is only from looking back at all my blog posts this year that I realise just how much I had squeezed into 2017 and I think having the blog is what motivates me to get out and see the world. I hope I manage to visit just as many places in 2018!

So here is my new list…

  • The photographers gallery – This is one that is carried over from last year and I am surprised I have still not made it, especially as one of my university tutors is a curator there and is always inviting us to events.
  • Matilda – I have been lucky enough to see some great shows in theatre this year, including Kinky Boots, Wind in the Willows and An American in Paris but I have wanted to see Matilda since it was launched so hopefully I will get the chance this year.
  • Imax cinema – Situated in the middle of the roundabout at Waterloo, I pass this cinema all the time but have never been inside. As well as having some really interesting 3D movies they also have the largest viewing screen in Britain so give a real immersive experience.
  • Ballie Ballerson – When you have spent years taking kids to soft play and ball pits then its time to find an adult version and Ballie Ballerson might just be it. With over a million balls and bottomless brunch on offer I think I need to try this place out!
  • Afternoon tea with a twist – After my first experience I would love to try some more afternoon tea experiences and love the quirky looking alternatives like Alice in Wonderland themed or on a bus.
  • The Saatchi Gallery – Another that was on my list last year. They are always putting on new exhibitions so I will be looking out through the year to see if anything interesting takes my fancy.
  • Overnight stay at a hotel – As I have lived in London my whole life I have never had the pleasure of staying in a hotel here overnight, one of the iconic ones would be a pleasure such as the Ritz or Claridges but not sure they would be in my budget.
  • Ghost walk – This is something that has to be done in the winter in the dark and a great way to explore the city in a different way. I love visiting historical places and hearing scary tales as long as it doesn’t give me nightmares.
  • The Jazz café – I do love live music but not really a fan of concert venues as there are just so many people. The Jazz café sounds like more of an intimate space to chill out and also has a restaurant. Will be looking out for future events there.
  • Ice Bar – Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the cold, if I could hibernate for the whole of winter I would but at the same time I am quite intrigued by a bar and restaurant that is made of ice and gives out blankets to it’s customers, definitely a one off experience that I would like to try.

Looking forward to a year full of adventure and I may just get to explore a bit further than London too! Where are you planning to visit this year?


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Photography project – The Red Edition

Looking back at some of the photos I have taken around London and red seems to be the colour that stands out. Along with the telephone box and the post box, the red bus has become an iconic recognised symbol of the city.

I thought I would share some of my favourite photos featuring red that I have taken in the past couple of years.



book39 - Copy



book2 - Copy


What colour have you noticed around your city?


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Oh Pretty City is One!

Although I have been blogging for many a year it is hard to believe that my first post here was only written a year ago today. Blogging for me has always been a part time thing – my ‘bit on the side’ but I have been lucky enough to attend some lovely events and the blog has been a great inspiration for getting out and experiencing places to share with my lovely readers and hopefully it has inspired some of you too!

To celebrate a year of blogging I am going to share some of my favourite locations that I have posted about since last summer.

Favourite restaurant

I have visited quite a few restaurants in the past year, armed with my Tastecard I love to look out for quality restaurants that offer good service and value for money but one of my favourites has to be Le grand bistro in Paris, fine dining in a perfect Parisian setting!


Favourite night out

I don’t really blog much about nights out because I’m not much of a raver but I have been to a few silent discos in the past year which I thoroughly enjoyed. The silent disco at the Shard was a great experience which I would happily do again, it is a great night out of drinking and dancing with the added bonus of amazing views to take in!


Favourite theatre show

I have really got a taste for the theatre in the past year after seeing some great musicals, I hope I get to see a few more in the next year. The classic love story of An American in Paris is full of super talented singers and dancers that have you singing along in awe and was a proper feel good show.



Favourite green space

London is full of some amazing green spaces but my most recent visit to Kew gardens showcased some lush green lawns and beautiful exotic plants that you’re not likely to see anywhere else, unless you are taking a lifetime trip around the world! Also has some great structures to admire like the hive.



Favourite trip abroad

I had managed to reach the ripe old age of 37 before embarking on my first girls holiday with my girlfriends and although it was only a weekend away we had a fab time in Tenerife. One of the things I loved about it was just how clean the area was and although we went in November the sun was shining enough for us to brave the swimming pool!


Favourite family attraction

As my kids have got older they are more reluctant to accompany me on day trips because they find it boring so it is nice to visit family friendly places that appeal to them as well. My son particularly liked the Art of the brick Lego exhibition down the Southbank with its large collection of impressive superhero Lego structures and the opportunity to create your own.


Favourite market

I haven’t visited as many markets as I would like this year but I think it will be hard to find somewhere that would beat Borough market just for the fact that it is full of such a wide array of delicious food and it is hard to not buy a bit of everything while there. Plus I interviewed Maria from Maria’s café for a university project and she was very sweet and helpful!


You probably wouldn’t believe it but I am actually quite a homely person, I much prefer a night in to a night out and if I have the opportunity I will lay in bed all day reading and watching Netflix so I have impressed myself with the amount of adventures I have been on in the past year, as well as taking care of four children and working towards a photography degree!

I hope I get to visit loads of new places in the following year to share with you. I would love to know where your favourite places are!