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Fruit picking with Fruit Shoot @ Home cottage farm

With the stress of back to school looming we were invited by Fruit Shoot to take part in some fruit picking at Home cottage farm which made a lovely final summers day out.


Home cottage farm is a small family run ‘pick your own’ farm on the outskirts of Uxbridge. We travelled to the farm on the busy tube network which accompanied by four nosebleeds from Kieron made for an eventful journey. It was worth it to enjoy the tranquillity of the country surroundings, wading through raspberry bushes and apple trees. We were accompanied by other bloggers and unfortunately we arrived slightly late so the raspberries were sparse by the time we reached them with our basket, but it made it fun having to search for the perfect berries to pick.



We had the option of picking blackberries, raspberries, apples and plums but didn’t want to carry too much as we had a long journey back via rush hour mayhem so we just stuck with the raspberries and apples.



Although it was pouring down with rain on our journey the sun made an appearance later in the afternoon and we were treated to a lovely picnic on the grass with lots of healthy goodies to indulge in. We were accompanied by author and master baker Holly Bell who was a finalist in The Great British Bake Off and made us some delicious treats that were free from refined sugar and instead filled with the natural sweetness of fruit.





We had a selection of savoury treats followed by loaf cake, muffins and my favourite, this succulent and sweet flapjack that I never would have guessed contains no sugar! This was all washed down with refreshing Fruit Shoots in a range of flavours. We were given the recipes and a children’s baking set so we could make them at home or come up with our own delights. As this recipe is really simple (and I’m no Holly Bell) I will definitely be trying this out!


The message of the day is that you can enjoy sweet treats without having to compromise on your health and that real fruit is a great alternative to other artificial sweeteners and refined sugar.

Did you know that Fruit Shoot is made with real fruit?

There is real fruit in every drop of Fruit Shoot and each and every one is filled with multi-vitamins. Better still, there isn’t any added sugar, artificial colours or flavourings at all.


As somebody that eats far too many unhealthy snacks this was a great opportunity to find alternatives and I am going to attempt to give up refined sugars and enjoy more natural substitutes instead.

Do you have any tips for giving up sugar?

*written in collaboration with fruit shoot, all opinions are my own
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Castle climbing with fruit shoot hydro

Last week we were invited to join in with a castle climbing session in collaboration with Fruit shoot’s new campaign #itsmything.


It’s My Thing is a campaign that celebrates real kids doing what they’re passionate about and champions their self-expression and individuality. We are quite lucky that children are offered all sorts of activities through school and parents often sign up to extra curricular activities outside of school because we realise the importance of physical activity. Kieron has taken part in many sports, including football, basketball and boxing and was excited to add climbing to the list.


Upon arrival at Castle climbers, which is an old water pumping station situated in North London, we had a brief look around inside and then ventured into the vast garden space to enjoy the sunshine before getting down to business.



While the kids worked up a sweat taking part in a 90 minute wall climbing session the parents got some top tips from nutritionist Jo Travers. Did you know the signs to look out for when your children may be dehydrated?

  • Mood swings
  • lack of concentration
  • constipation
  • headache
  • low energy
  • ability to use fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • Hunger – Kids can often mistake being hungry for needing fluid



I have always been aware that the recommended water intake is 6-8 glasses a day but it was an insight to learn about what is contained within different drinks and the effect this can have on the health of both children and adults.


I  am quite lucky that I don’t have to remind Kieron to drink water, he always seems to have a bottle with him. His favourite is flavoured still water but I do worry about the effect this has on his teeth so I look out for sugar free varieties. If you are worried about your children (or even yourself) not drinking enough water then here are some tips to keep hydrated…

  • Carry a bottle around, especially on the go. After buying a bottle I just refill it with tap water when it runs out because I prefer the taste and it saves money!
  • Be persistent – remind yourself and your children to get a drink as it is easy to forget, especially if they are busy being active!
  • Be creative and add your own flavours, you don’t always have to drink water as it can get boring, try making smoothies using milk or ice mixed with fruit or even just add fruit slices to your water to give it some zing.
  • Remember that food also contains water. Eating ice lollies and yoghurt are great ways to keep hydrated on warm days and even food that is cooked in water such as pasta has a high water content.
  • Don’t worry about frequent toilet trips. This puts me off drinking a lot of water, particularly if I know I am going to be out of the house. Apparently the less diluted your urine is the more you will need to pee as the body is trying to get rid of the waste which is highly concentrated if you haven’t been drinking fluid! Who knew?




When we went in search of the children we were all surprised at how well they were getting on with climbing and just how high they managed to get. Kieron definitely wore himself out but thoroughly enjoyed himself, it’s a shame that the castle isn’t closer as I think it would be a great sport to get into.

Understandably the kids were eager to refuel and rehydrate so they finished the session with some food and a bottle (or two) of fruit shoot hydro before being given a goody bag to keep them busy and active.



Kieron has since been seen out with his fruit shoot hydro and the apple and raspberry is his new favourite flavour. I must admit I am not usually a fan of flavoured water as the taste doesn’t seem genuine and over sweet but this one is quite pleasant and the benefits include it being naturally flavoured with zero sugar and no artificial colours or flavourings. It also has a re-sealable cap so handy for busy kids.

With summer around the corner do you have any tips to keep yourself and the kids hydrated?



*written in collaboration with Robinsons fruit shoot, all opinions my own!