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Live music @ Pizza Express


You may know pizza express as a place where you go to sit down and eat pizza, well you wouldn’t be wrong but you can also do so much more on your visit. As I have previously posted about, you can attend a pizza making party and create your own dinner before it is cooked and served to you at the table. Well did you know that you can also indulge in your favourite dough balls while listening to sultry sounds of Jazz music from some well known artists and up and coming singers?

There are four locations that host live shows everyday and tickets are available to purchase to attend these, there are also branches across the country that feature free live performances every Thursday. One of these playlist venues is the newly furnished Greenwich Pizza Express restaurant.



Situated within a world heritage site in the heart of Greenwich the warm blue and brown tones in the décor are designed to compliment the tradition design of the building and the walls are adorned with photographs of artists performing live, including Amy Winehouse who had previously sang at the Soho Jazz club branch of Pizza Express.

I attended Pizza Express with a group of other bloggers to experience the live music performance and sample their food which now includes a much wider range for vegan and gluten free diets.

While waiting for our food to arrive our performer for the evening, Darren Campbell, started his set and I browsed the programme on the table to see who else would be on this month.



Darren was great, he played a number of well known songs and really blended in with the atmosphere without being over the top. It was nice to have someone singing live in such a small setting and the room wasn’t full so it felt intimate and cosy. Would probably make a great first date for somewhere relaxing with an added something special!


We started our meal with a platter of classic Italian antipasto which included a selection of Italian meats, olives and sundried tomatoes. It is probably not something I would have chosen to order so it was good to try something I wouldn’t normally eat and I particularly loved the bread with Calabrese sausage and buffalo mozzarella. There were also vegan dough balls and bruschetta for the vegans among us.

For a main course I chose the pollo pesto which is a penne pasta with a pesto and béchamel sauce, chicken, mushroom and a nice added crunch of red onion. The pasta wasn’t as hot as I would have expected it but warm enough to eat. It was really tasty and flavoursome and something I would order again. The other dishes looked equally as delicious too.




I was actually feeling really stuffed after eating the whole bowl of pasta and finished my meal with a latte while a few others went for the sticky toffee Bundt cake – if only I didn’t eat those starters!


I had a really lovely night of food, drink, music and company.

I often go out to eat and then cant be bothered to go onto another venue because I am stuffed and just want to relax. If you are the same then the live performance at Pizza express is the perfect way to combine your evening all in one sitting.

If you want to find out more about the Pizza Express live or to see what artists are performing at a branch near you then check out their website. If music isn’t your thing there are also some comedy shows included in the line up too!


*written in collaboration with pizza express, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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A cable car mission

The Emirates airline is a cable car that travels across the river Thames from Greenwich to the docklands and back again giving a unique view of the area.


Opening in 2012 it is used as another leg of the transport for London network but is also popular as an attraction for tourists and visitors of the area.

I have wanted to take a ride on the cable cars for a while but wanted to visit on a clear day so I could make the most of the views and Greenwich is quite awkward for me to get to so it’s not somewhere I frequent often.

The cable car is pretty easy to find, as you exit Greenwich north station, the O2 is on the left hand side and the cable cars are towards the right amidst a load of building works.


As it is part of transport for London you are able to use your Oyster cards on the cable cars but if you don’t have one you can just buy a ticket from the ticket office, although this is slightly more expensive as the oyster gives you the discount rate.



As we were not sure that there was anything else to do in the area we decided to take part in the cable car mystery trail with Treasure trails who produce trails all over the UK to make exploring different areas more fun!

Getting onto the cable car was simple and quick and each group got to travel in their own cars so it was just the three of us, although I assume when it is busy they do fill them up with 10 in each car so you may have to share with others.

The journey was around 10 minutes and it was further to get across than I expected but we had some lovely views to look at on the way. As well as endless building works we also spotted people taking part in water sports and a cute beach.






As we approached the other end Kieron made himself familiar with the clues to look out for which was just as well because there isn’t much else to do over there. Some people were obviously aware of this and they stayed on the cable car and went straight back!

Although there wasn’t much to do we decided to take a walk down the riverside and it was really empty and peaceful which was surprising considering the area is quite built up. We continued our clue hunting and not sure if it was because of the way we printed the booklet out but Kieron found it a bit confusing following the order so I had to help him out. We definitely built up an appetite with all the walking and decided to return to the O2 arena to find somewhere to eat.


It was a fun day getting out, exercising our legs and exploring a new area of London that we hadn’t visited before. Not sure if I will go on the cable cars again but I have spotted a travel exhibition on at the Excel centre in November which I would love to visit so it may be sooner than expected!

Have you had a trip on the cable cars before?