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Champagne and weak bladders – no one told me!

Over the weekend I was invited to take part in a blogger event held by the lovely people at Lights by TENA and Myriad PR to talk about their new campaign – #noonetoldme

Having taken part in previous campaigns for Lights by TENA I feel honoured to be asked to help spread the word that bladder weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to 1 in 3 women and the most likely may be pregnant women and those that have just had a baby but it could happen to anybody at anytime.

I have not suffered bladder weakness personally but definitely notice changes in my bladder as I’ve got older. As a schoolgirl I would hold in my pee for the whole day because I hated using the school toilets #noonetoldme that as I got older I would be running to the toilet at the very thought of sipping a drink! I must say working with Lights by TENA has been great because the very mention of pelvic floors and I start doing the exercises…yes I am doing them right now!

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