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Boogie bounce with My PFF app

Last weekend I was invited with a group of other bloggers to the Haymarket Hotel to take part in a boogie bounce session. The reason for this get together was to highlight the update of the Lights by Tena, My PFF app.



You may be aware of the Tena brand and the Lights by Tena are just a branch of the brand that are aimed at light bladder weakness which often occurs in women of all ages.

We started the event with a presentation that included some interesting facts about light bladder weakness, did you know?

62% of women in the UK experience light bladder weakness

Light bladder weakness is more common than hayfever

35% of women still see light bladder weakness as a taboo subject

69% of new mums experience light bladder weakness

1 in 10 mums admit that bladder weakness has stopped them doing activities in their normal routine

As well as provide super absorbent pads (we know because we had fun testing them out) Tena want to encourage women to look after their pelvic floor and avoid the onset of these Oooops moments as much as possible.



The My PFF app is free and available on Apple and android. It is suitable for all ages and provides daily reminders to help you schedule your pelvic floor exercises into your routine and lifestyle, it also tracks your progress to monitor your improvement.

If like me you only remember to do those pelvic floor exercises when you hear the words ‘pelvic floor exercise’ then this app could be for you! The pelvic floor is a muscle and just because we cant see it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking care of it. The new year is the perfect time to start incorporating new routines into your life and pelvic floor exercises should become part of this So look up the app now!

With 24% of people experiencing light bladder weakness during exercise it was time to put our own pelvic floor to the test…


For me the trampoline is something that you put in the garden in the summer for the kids to play on, I didn’t realise it was a way to keep fit! We split into two groups to take turns having a boogie. We started with a warm up before the aerobic section, had a strenuous bum workout and finished with some stretches, it was such a great workout that I may have since ordered myself a mini exercise trampoline so I can continue to exercise in a fun but efficient way.



After freshening up in one of the swanky hotel rooms we were treated to a delicious buffet to get our strength back up.



I had loads of fun at the event and have since been making the most of the app by doing my little squeezes each day. Do you have a particular way to remind you to do pelvic floor exercises or are you one of 1/4 of women that have never practised them?

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A healthy new year

I have spent the past couple of months feeling less than under the weather. In November we were all struck down with the dreaded Noro virus and the past couple of weeks the flu has been doing the rounds. It’s not just the fact that I’m coughing up my guts (which isn’t very pleasant) but that I just don’t have the motivation to do much more than stroll to the fridge and back to bed again.

The new year for me is a time for new beginnings, possibilities and wonder. I want to do all the things, go to all the places and just live life to the full but I know I have to be in tip top condition to achieve that so top of my list for 2017 is health!

Now hold your horses, I’m not about to join a gym or anything extravagant like that! One step at a time. I am going to make some small changes to my daily habits as I think this is achievable and thanks to lights by TENA, I am already off to a good start.

By downloading the My Pff app onto my phone, which is available in both google play and the apple store, it means that I never forget to do those all important pelvic floor exercises. Improving your pelvic floor tone reduces your chances of experiencing little leaks and can, in time, entirely eliminate these little oooops moments from your life.



The my pff application explains and guides you through the exercises, ensuring you are doing everything correctly and in the most effective way. It allows you to track your progress and receive daily reminders to do your exercises at a time that suits you and fits in with your routine. The thing with pelvic floor exercises is that they can be done anywhere and at anytime so in between a flick through Twitter and a game of Candy Crush I can click a button and get a set completed in a few minutes…nobody even knows that I’ve done them! The exercises are quite different to when I do them myself as I don’t tend to hold for so long so the app definitely feels like a proper workout, also I love that it reminds you to breathe because actually you can forget!

A few other changes I would like to make is to drink more water and eat a more colourful range of foods. I would also like to spend more time practicing some form of yoga and meditation because I think it is just as important to keep a clear healthy mind as well as body.


I was sent a new year workout kit from TENA to get me on my way and I will be making my own kit for one lucky reader to get their new year off to a healthy start too so look out for that over on my twitter page!

What new year resolutions do you have?

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Champagne and weak bladders – no one told me!

Over the weekend I was invited to take part in a blogger event held by the lovely people at Lights by TENA and Myriad PR to talk about their new campaign – #noonetoldme

Having taken part in previous campaigns for Lights by TENA I feel honoured to be asked to help spread the word that bladder weakness is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to 1 in 3 women and the most likely may be pregnant women and those that have just had a baby but it could happen to anybody at anytime.

I have not suffered bladder weakness personally but definitely notice changes in my bladder as I’ve got older. As a schoolgirl I would hold in my pee for the whole day because I hated using the school toilets #noonetoldme that as I got older I would be running to the toilet at the very thought of sipping a drink! I must say working with Lights by TENA has been great because the very mention of pelvic floors and I start doing the exercises…yes I am doing them right now!

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