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Relaunch of the B-Rex @ Byron


Last week I was invited by the lovely people at Byron to join them for the relaunch night of the B-Rex (and V-Rex for vegetarians or C-Rex if you prefer chicken over beef) at their Kensington High Street branch. I’m sure the restaurant is full of high spirits most of the time but it seemed an extra special affair on this particular occasion with their own in house DJ mixing some tunes, a photographer to document the shenanigans and a graffiti artist creating his own version of the B-Rex.

The restaurant itself is next to Holland park and a short walk from High street Kensington tube station, it is also not too far from the Design Museum if you were planning a day out in the area. With the Art Deco design and colourful décor we were soon comfortable in our seats and ready to get our hands on the much anticipated B-Rex.


The big burger in question is made up of a beef patty with 100% British, grass-fed beef topped with cheese, onions, pickles and American cheese, the mayo and BBQ sauce gave it a little sweetness. I’m not usually a fan of anything hot but the jalapenos added a nice little kick while the bacon and onion ring added some crunch to the texture.

As burgers go it was probably one of the best I’ve had… and no of course nobody actually caught me smiling at it before taking my first bite!


Okay, maybe they did.

I knew I would be full with the burger so chose a salad to accompany it but still couldn’t resist the idea of a Freakshake for dessert, especially with all the goodies that were laid out to accompany it.


We left with our bellies full and a lovely gift to takeaway that included a bottle of Byron’s famous sauce so we can create our own specialities at home! We had a great evening and the team at Kensington were very welcoming and kind.



With half term approaching I think I may treat my youngest to a Byron burger at our local branch in Clapham as he hasn’t forgiven me for not inviting him to the launch night (He is a bit of a foodie and would love the B-Rex) Also if you know me, you will know that whenever I look for somewhere to eat I will check whether it is on the Tastecard app first and delightedly Byron is so that’s a bonus!

If you want to find out where you can pick up your own B-Rex then visit the Byron Website.

*We were given a free meal for the purpose of this review, all opinions my own!

** I do usually take all my own photos but as there was a photographer to hand I just sat back and enjoyed my meal for a change! Photographs kindly supplied by Byron.

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Pac to the 80s @ Maggies

The national lottery currently has over 30¬†scratchcards and to celebrate the launch of the newest PAC MAN card I was invited along to an 80’s style pub quiz held at Maggie’s bar on Fulham road.

I do love a pub quiz, I spend most afternoons glued to the TV watching tipping point and The chase so I feel qualified to do my bit as part of a team, however the 80s are not really my specialist subject as I was a mere baby during that era and the OH, who accompanied me, was not too confident either.

Upon arrival to the bar, which was named after Mrs Thatcher herself, we were greeted¬†by walls adorned with 80’s¬†memorabilia and photographs of icons such as Debbie Harry and Boy George, a perfect setting for an 80’s event!



As we arrived a bit early we sat around the Rubik’s cube tables¬†sipping on Pac-Man-Tini’s and nibbling wine gums and marshmallows¬†while waiting to be put into teams.

We were paired up with two other couples including Tania and Mike from Larger family life, which was handy because they seemed to know the name of every song and artist just from listening to a snippet of the music! The quiz started with my favourite round which¬†was guessing the person born in the 80s from their baby photo, that was about the extent of my 80’s knowledge. As well as answering lots of other questions we also had to draw an actors tinder profile and get up and lip sync one of the classics (I’m trying to forget that part)

While waiting for the results to roll in we were given a taste of Maggie’s menu Which included the most delicious prawns, baby sized burgers and chocolate brownies.


And then for the results…

We came joint first… if only we remembered that Shigeru Miyamoto had designed Super Mario then we wouldn’t have had to go for the tie breaker! Unfortunately we didn’t triumph this time but all was not lost…


The new PAC MAN scratchcard costs £2, gives you eight chances to win and there is a 1 in 4.23 overall chance of winning. I managed to get two lots of £2 on the same card so went away £4 richer!

What’s the most you have ever won on a scratchcard?



*written in collaboration with the national lottery all thoughts my own