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I was browsing through the Tesco website looking for somewhere to spend my clubcard vouchers and thought the restaurants are a good bet because they give you 4x the amount. I came across Chimichanga which I hadn’t heard of before and asked Kieron if he would like to go there for his birthday (he is a bit of a foodie like his mum)

We went on a weekday evening and the restaurant was fairly empty. I was quite impressed with the Mexican themed décor and how fresh and clean it looked but that may be because it is fairly new. There was nine of us in total, including two little ones and they offered us a highchair for the baby and a long table right down the middle of the restaurant.

The food was impressive and we all enjoyed our main course, although the man did send his back to be heated up as it wasn’t hot enough (it never is for him.) I had the smoky mountain burger as I am not really a fan of burritos or fajitas and I wasn’t disappointed, it was one of the best burgers I have eaten!


Unfortunately I cant say the same about the dessert!

We were all quite excited to order the churros and the churros sundae in particular looked really yummy. We were not so impressed once we tasted them! They were not really sweet and had a rather tough texture and the sundae just didn’t hit the spot like I expected it would.


Apart from the disappointing dessert we all left feeling full up and Kieron really enjoyed his birthday. Unfortunately a few days later everybody came down with a stomach bug. I’m not saying it is anything to do with the restaurant as my daughter was complaining she didn’t feel well before we went and the winter bug was doing it’s rounds at the time but the normal reaction from everybody was “I’m never eating in that place again” I’m not saying personally I wouldn’t eat there again but it probably wouldn’t be top of my list.

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Yum Yum – Stoke Newington

We were invited to a family celebration at Yum Yum Thai restaurant in Stoke Newington and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at what looked like a plush hotel that was a bit out of place with the surrounding area.


The restaurant is housed in a grand listed Georgian building covered in lights and surrounded by Asian inspired decorative features. The inside is just as impressive with a bar and a relaxed seating area to one side and a formal eating area on the other. It also has a traditional seating area with very low tables where the customers can sit crossed legged on the floor and eat.

We went to Yum Yum on a weekday evening and so it was relatively empty which is just a well because we were in a large group of over 25 and that included some very lively little people that I can imagine would have irritated other diners had there been any close to us. Continue reading “Yum Yum – Stoke Newington”

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Honky Tonk – Clapham

Honky tonk is an American style restaurant in the heart of Clapham Common, situated right opposite the tube station.


I visited Honky Tonk in the afternoon to see what was offer on their lunch menu, and the experience was very different to when I had previously been in the evening where there was a really lively atmosphere.

As a Tastecard user I am always on the lookout for participating restaurants as it makes eating out so much more accessible, especially for larger families! And the 2 for 1 offer is great for a lunchtime date with the other half.


The restaurant has both inside and outside eating spaces. It is situated is a busy high street with heavy traffic, this obviously doesn’t bother some people and most of the customers on the day we visited chose to sit outside, this meant we had pretty much the whole restaurant to ourselves. I’m sure later in the day it would get much busier but I quite liked eating in peace and the American theme décor adds a nice touch!

Luckily we were not in a rush when we visited as, even though there were not many customers, our food seemed to take ages to arrive. We are quite predictable when we go out, the man orders anything meaty…steak or ribs and I always choose a burger, although I am trying to be a bit more adventurous and went for sweet potato fries instead of normal ones!


Unfortunately by the time our food arrived it was more luke warm than hot. I am not one to complain and as I was starving by this time I just tucked in, but the man likes his food piping hot and called over the waitress to inform her. They were quick to replace his food explaining they think the lift that delivers the food from the kitchen got jammed on it’s way down. We were offered a drink of our choice for the inconvenience of waiting and opted for the butterscotch milkshakes that were served in milk bottles.


The food was pleasant and the milkshakes were really tasty and filling which meant we didn’t need to order dessert afterwards. It was a nice relaxed lunch and the staff were very apologetic about the food being cold, although I do wonder how they didn’t check on the food to see why it was taking so long as they obviously saw us waiting?

I would definitely eat out at Honky Tonk again as I do enjoy their food but I think I prefer it in the evening (and it is more acceptable to order the 2 for 1 cocktails at that time!) The price is very reasonable and I think it was around £25 with the service charge and the Tastecard discount for two of us.

Have you visited Honky Tonk? What was your experience like?