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Boogie bounce with My PFF app

Last weekend I was invited with a group of other bloggers to the Haymarket Hotel to take part in a boogie bounce session. The reason for this get together was to highlight the update of the Lights by Tena, My PFF app.



You may be aware of the Tena brand and the Lights by Tena are just a branch of the brand that are aimed at light bladder weakness which often occurs in women of all ages.

We started the event with a presentation that included some interesting facts about light bladder weakness, did you know?

62% of women in the UK experience light bladder weakness

Light bladder weakness is more common than hayfever

35% of women still see light bladder weakness as a taboo subject

69% of new mums experience light bladder weakness

1 in 10 mums admit that bladder weakness has stopped them doing activities in their normal routine

As well as provide super absorbent pads (we know because we had fun testing them out) Tena want to encourage women to look after their pelvic floor and avoid the onset of these Oooops moments as much as possible.



The My PFF app is free and available on Apple and android. It is suitable for all ages and provides daily reminders to help you schedule your pelvic floor exercises into your routine and lifestyle, it also tracks your progress to monitor your improvement.

If like me you only remember to do those pelvic floor exercises when you hear the words ‘pelvic floor exercise’ then this app could be for you! The pelvic floor is a muscle and just because we cant see it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking care of it. The new year is the perfect time to start incorporating new routines into your life and pelvic floor exercises should become part of this So look up the app now!

With 24% of people experiencing light bladder weakness during exercise it was time to put our own pelvic floor to the test…


For me the trampoline is something that you put in the garden in the summer for the kids to play on, I didn’t realise it was a way to keep fit! We split into two groups to take turns having a boogie. We started with a warm up before the aerobic section, had a strenuous bum workout and finished with some stretches, it was such a great workout that I may have since ordered myself a mini exercise trampoline so I can continue to exercise in a fun but efficient way.



After freshening up in one of the swanky hotel rooms we were treated to a delicious buffet to get our strength back up.



I had loads of fun at the event and have since been making the most of the app by doing my little squeezes each day. Do you have a particular way to remind you to do pelvic floor exercises or are you one of 1/4 of women that have never practised them?

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New year, New reads


I had a very busy last few months to 2017 and didn’t get much chance to read so was way off my yearly target to read 45 books. I finished with 32 but I am pretty sure I can achieve the 45 this year and have had a good start so far.

I finished two books that I started over the Christmas holidays and have put together my first set to get stuck into.

I am really intrigued by Hackney child as I was a Hackney child myself and I grew up in the care system like the author Hope Daniels, we are also around the same age so I’m interested to read about her experiences.

I received Behind Her Eyes and Truly Madly Guilty as a Christmas gift from my daughter and funnily enough I bought Behind Her Eyes for my other daughter so we now have two copies of it! They both look really good so looking forward to getting stuck into them.

I have read a couple of Dorothy Koomson books before and really enjoyed them. This one has been on my shelf for a few months so I’m glad to finally be getting round to reading it.

I also have a couple of books downloaded onto my kindle for when I’m out and about…

Here are a few of the books I read last year…

2017 books


There were some that I really devoured including –  Everything, Everything, The Breakdown, Small Great Things and Dear Amy and I don’t think there were any that were a drag to read so pretty successful!

What have you got on your new year reading list?

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Another 10 places to visit in London


At the beginning of last year you may have seen that I wrote a post about 10 places I wanted to visit in London. I do love to travel but the majority of my life is spent in London so I want to make the most of all the amazing opportunities and experiences that are on offer in the city. I managed to tick most of the things off the List which I have written about throughout the year and will share below, but I thought it would be fun to see what else is out there and create another list for this year. I’m not normally one for making resolutions but I do like to write a list of things I would like to do or achieve throughout the year so these will be added to that.

Ticked off from last year…

Sky Garden

Definitely one of my favourite places I have visited this year and would love to go back again.


Emirates Cable car

Great experience although not much to see on the other side!


Somerset House

I actually went to about three different exhibitions here throughout the year, really lovely setting and has an ice rink at Christmas.


Kensington Gardens

I didn’t get to see much of the gardens as I visited late in the afternoon but had a lovely stroll around the Palace.


Borough Market

Another place I have been to a few times, so much delicious looking food in one market!


V & A museum

I never manage to see the whole museum when I visit the V & A because it is so grand so always ready to go back and have a mooch.


Afternoon tea

Chelsea harbour was the perfect setting for my first experience of afternoon tea and I am now eager to visit some other posh hotels for more finger sandwiches.


It is only from looking back at all my blog posts this year that I realise just how much I had squeezed into 2017 and I think having the blog is what motivates me to get out and see the world. I hope I manage to visit just as many places in 2018!

So here is my new list…

  • The photographers gallery – This is one that is carried over from last year and I am surprised I have still not made it, especially as one of my university tutors is a curator there and is always inviting us to events.
  • Matilda – I have been lucky enough to see some great shows in theatre this year, including Kinky Boots, Wind in the Willows and An American in Paris but I have wanted to see Matilda since it was launched so hopefully I will get the chance this year.
  • Imax cinema – Situated in the middle of the roundabout at Waterloo, I pass this cinema all the time but have never been inside. As well as having some really interesting 3D movies they also have the largest viewing screen in Britain so give a real immersive experience.
  • Ballie Ballerson – When you have spent years taking kids to soft play and ball pits then its time to find an adult version and Ballie Ballerson might just be it. With over a million balls and bottomless brunch on offer I think I need to try this place out!
  • Afternoon tea with a twist – After my first experience I would love to try some more afternoon tea experiences and love the quirky looking alternatives like Alice in Wonderland themed or on a bus.
  • The Saatchi Gallery – Another that was on my list last year. They are always putting on new exhibitions so I will be looking out through the year to see if anything interesting takes my fancy.
  • Overnight stay at a hotel – As I have lived in London my whole life I have never had the pleasure of staying in a hotel here overnight, one of the iconic ones would be a pleasure such as the Ritz or Claridges but not sure they would be in my budget.
  • Ghost walk – This is something that has to be done in the winter in the dark and a great way to explore the city in a different way. I love visiting historical places and hearing scary tales as long as it doesn’t give me nightmares.
  • The Jazz café – I do love live music but not really a fan of concert venues as there are just so many people. The Jazz café sounds like more of an intimate space to chill out and also has a restaurant. Will be looking out for future events there.
  • Ice Bar – Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the cold, if I could hibernate for the whole of winter I would but at the same time I am quite intrigued by a bar and restaurant that is made of ice and gives out blankets to it’s customers, definitely a one off experience that I would like to try.

Looking forward to a year full of adventure and I may just get to explore a bit further than London too! Where are you planning to visit this year?


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The charm of Leadenhall market and Pizza Express


Situated in the picturesque Leadenhall market in the city of London is the newly renovated Pizza Express. Myself and a group of other bloggers were invited along to check out the makeover of the branch and were treated to our own pizza making experience while there. You may have seen my previous attempt at making pizza at the Gloucester road branch and was pretty good and remembering the techniques I was taught the first time round.

We started the evening with some nibbles while getting to know each other before preparing ourselves with hats and aprons for the pizza preparation.





Stela is the manager of the branch and talked us through a bit of the history of Leadenhall market which has been owned and managed by the City of London Corporation since 1411. Originally it was one of the best places in London to buy meat, game, poultry and fish and because it has kept the spectacular historical look it has attracted the likes of Hollywood and been featured in film and TV including as Diagon Valley in Harry Potter.

To fit in with the character and history of the grade ii listed site, the Pizza Express in Leadenhall recently underwent a stylish refurbishment and Stela took us on a little tour while our pizzas were being cooked.





The basement area is finished in rich and elegant colours and exposed brickwork, new dark wood timber flooring and artwork that celebrates the history of the area. There is a bar, a section for the pizza making parties and enough room to rent out space for private parties or meetings.

On the street level are the smaller marble tables that are synonymous of Pizza express but they are accompanied by warm, gold pendant lighting and an original spiral staircase. This leads up to a private dining space which is unfortunately not open as yet due to safety issues of carrying food up the ornate staircase.



Stela with really friendly and informative, you could tell that she has a passion for the restaurant and was eager to please all the customers.

After our tour it was time to tuck into our handmade pizzas. I chose the toppings chicken, mushroom, red onion, yellow pepper and spinach so it was nice and colourful! We finished the meal with either a Baileys, limoncello or Latte, I opted for the latte which was a lovely finish to the meal and warmed me up ready for my cold journey home.


If you fancy checking out the charm of Leadenhall then go during the week as the city is empty over the weekend with most places closed. The Pizza Express has over 180 capacity so would be perfect to fit in a large group and is open 11:30 – 22:00 Mon – Fri.

*Written in collaboration with Pizza Express, all thought are my own!
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Chimasu – Asian snack box

Subscription boxes seem to be the thing of the moment, you can get every type from beauty, stationary, food and toys. They are a great way to try a wide selection of things that you may not necessarily purchase individually or even know about and the Chimasu box is no different.

I pass Asian supermarkets all the time but probably wouldn’t know where to start looking if I went inside so I have never bothered. I love eating out at Asian restaurants or ordering a takeaway so when I was asked by Chimasu if I would like to try out there subscription snack box, which contains snacks from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore… I couldn’t say no!


When the Chimasu box arrived I was surprised it was so small but it was definitely packed full of stuff and contained both sweet and savoury goodies.


As my kids love to try new foods we decided we would all do the taste testing together. I am quite fussy with what I eat and some of the flavours did worry me a bit…Cuttlefish, soy sauce, shrimp and seaweed are not the flavours I normally pick when choosing snacks!




We started with the savoury snacks

The Soy sauce rice crackers reminded me of those round almond bakes which I love, this meant I got a bit of a shock when I bit into it and it was a completely different texture and taste. I actually really liked the crunch of it but wasn’t too keen on the flavour. My eldest son was probably the biggest fan of those and finished them off.

The Yummy flakes just reminded me of fish food but they were like miniature prawn crackers and were really cute, didn’t last long though as they were so small.

I was a bit worried about the cuttlefish snacks as I wasn’t sure what cuttlefish tasted like but was pleasantly surprised. These were actually my favourite snack in the box, not too overpowering and we decided they were a cross between Skips and Pom bears.

The seaweed and the wasabi peas were both something I hadn’t tried before and I found them both really strong, especially the wasabi peas! They taste just like peanuts flavoured with mustard and although I am a fan of mustard I can only take it in small doses. We all kind of felt the same about these except my eldest son who finished them all off!

We always have noodles in the house as the kids love to snack on them, the ones we were sent were spicier than normal but still just as tasty and there were no complaints from the kids.


Sweet Snacks

The Pepero sticks are one of South Korea’s favourite snacks and are long crispy biscuit filled with smooth chocolate, they went down way too easily and I could have done with another box.

The small panda biscuits were covered on one side with chocolate and a panda face, very cute and we all loved them. We expected the koala bears to be similar but they were filled with a fruity flavour and although they were just as cute I found them a bit too sweet.

Most of the Asian snacks, both sweet and savoury, were very light and flacky in texture so I was surprised by the black thunder chocolate bar that was dense and really chocolaty – my kind of snack!

The Chimasu box is available to purchase online as a one off box or a subscription and you can update your preferences to make sure you will get the snacks that you enjoy. We loved having the opportunity to try out things we have never tasted before and it was fun seeing all the expressions on everyone’s face as they tried something new. I’m not sure I loved all the things enough to make the most of a whole box for myself but I’m definitely considering it as a gift for my son who seemed to finish everything off!

If you would like to purchase a box for yourself or someone else as a gift then you can use the code PRETTYCITY122 which will give you £6 discount off your first box and a bar of Japanese KitKat!

*I was sent a Chamasu box for review purposes, all opinions are my own!





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Live music @ Pizza Express


You may know pizza express as a place where you go to sit down and eat pizza, well you wouldn’t be wrong but you can also do so much more on your visit. As I have previously posted about, you can attend a pizza making party and create your own dinner before it is cooked and served to you at the table. Well did you know that you can also indulge in your favourite dough balls while listening to sultry sounds of Jazz music from some well known artists and up and coming singers?

There are four locations that host live shows everyday and tickets are available to purchase to attend these, there are also branches across the country that feature free live performances every Thursday. One of these playlist venues is the newly furnished Greenwich Pizza Express restaurant.



Situated within a world heritage site in the heart of Greenwich the warm blue and brown tones in the décor are designed to compliment the tradition design of the building and the walls are adorned with photographs of artists performing live, including Amy Winehouse who had previously sang at the Soho Jazz club branch of Pizza Express.

I attended Pizza Express with a group of other bloggers to experience the live music performance and sample their food which now includes a much wider range for vegan and gluten free diets.

While waiting for our food to arrive our performer for the evening, Darren Campbell, started his set and I browsed the programme on the table to see who else would be on this month.



Darren was great, he played a number of well known songs and really blended in with the atmosphere without being over the top. It was nice to have someone singing live in such a small setting and the room wasn’t full so it felt intimate and cosy. Would probably make a great first date for somewhere relaxing with an added something special!


We started our meal with a platter of classic Italian antipasto which included a selection of Italian meats, olives and sundried tomatoes. It is probably not something I would have chosen to order so it was good to try something I wouldn’t normally eat and I particularly loved the bread with Calabrese sausage and buffalo mozzarella. There were also vegan dough balls and bruschetta for the vegans among us.

For a main course I chose the pollo pesto which is a penne pasta with a pesto and béchamel sauce, chicken, mushroom and a nice added crunch of red onion. The pasta wasn’t as hot as I would have expected it but warm enough to eat. It was really tasty and flavoursome and something I would order again. The other dishes looked equally as delicious too.




I was actually feeling really stuffed after eating the whole bowl of pasta and finished my meal with a latte while a few others went for the sticky toffee Bundt cake – if only I didn’t eat those starters!


I had a really lovely night of food, drink, music and company.

I often go out to eat and then cant be bothered to go onto another venue because I am stuffed and just want to relax. If you are the same then the live performance at Pizza express is the perfect way to combine your evening all in one sitting.

If you want to find out more about the Pizza Express live or to see what artists are performing at a branch near you then check out their website. If music isn’t your thing there are also some comedy shows included in the line up too!


*written in collaboration with pizza express, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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currently reading


I have now read 21 books out of my 45 book target so still shy of halfway…eek!

I am back at University soon and will be writing my dissertation so will be including any books I have to read for that, only if they are novel type books, not text books that I will be scanning or skimming for information! My dissertation is all about people that make a living through their photographs via social media without having any formal training as opposed to the more traditional way of becoming a photographer. I have bought the books The cult of the amateur and The medium is the massage and will be visiting the library next week to find some more.

The other books on my list include my usual favourite thriller types Blood sisters and The breakdown which is by the same author as Behind closed doors, one that I really enjoyed a couple of months ago. I saw that Everything, Everything has now been released as a film and it has been in my wish list for some time so I ordered it to read before watching the movie. I also downloaded some books for my kindle so I can read on the go, I chose these two which were both free on the kindle store and can possibly help me to hold onto summer for a bit longer.

Now if you read my last update then I would definitely recommend A thousand splendid suns and Small great things. They are both completely different but as equally heart-breaking and thought provoking. As I was reading Small great things I imagined it being set in the 60’s but then realised it was actually 2015. It is easy to forget the struggles that others are facing in the world when you are not exposed to it and I am definitely grateful for growing up in a more accepting part of the world.

Another of the books that surprised me was The Saturday supper club. It has been on my shelf for ages and I wasn’t expecting much from it (that old chestnut – you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover) but actually I found it quite enchanting, think Come dine with me meets Jeremy Kyle.

Hopefully my next update wont be too long as I have a lot of books to catch up on! Any recommendations?

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Oh Pretty City is One!

Although I have been blogging for many a year it is hard to believe that my first post here was only written a year ago today. Blogging for me has always been a part time thing – my ‘bit on the side’ but I have been lucky enough to attend some lovely events and the blog has been a great inspiration for getting out and experiencing places to share with my lovely readers and hopefully it has inspired some of you too!

To celebrate a year of blogging I am going to share some of my favourite locations that I have posted about since last summer.

Favourite restaurant

I have visited quite a few restaurants in the past year, armed with my Tastecard I love to look out for quality restaurants that offer good service and value for money but one of my favourites has to be Le grand bistro in Paris, fine dining in a perfect Parisian setting!


Favourite night out

I don’t really blog much about nights out because I’m not much of a raver but I have been to a few silent discos in the past year which I thoroughly enjoyed. The silent disco at the Shard was a great experience which I would happily do again, it is a great night out of drinking and dancing with the added bonus of amazing views to take in!


Favourite theatre show

I have really got a taste for the theatre in the past year after seeing some great musicals, I hope I get to see a few more in the next year. The classic love story of An American in Paris is full of super talented singers and dancers that have you singing along in awe and was a proper feel good show.



Favourite green space

London is full of some amazing green spaces but my most recent visit to Kew gardens showcased some lush green lawns and beautiful exotic plants that you’re not likely to see anywhere else, unless you are taking a lifetime trip around the world! Also has some great structures to admire like the hive.



Favourite trip abroad

I had managed to reach the ripe old age of 37 before embarking on my first girls holiday with my girlfriends and although it was only a weekend away we had a fab time in Tenerife. One of the things I loved about it was just how clean the area was and although we went in November the sun was shining enough for us to brave the swimming pool!


Favourite family attraction

As my kids have got older they are more reluctant to accompany me on day trips because they find it boring so it is nice to visit family friendly places that appeal to them as well. My son particularly liked the Art of the brick Lego exhibition down the Southbank with its large collection of impressive superhero Lego structures and the opportunity to create your own.


Favourite market

I haven’t visited as many markets as I would like this year but I think it will be hard to find somewhere that would beat Borough market just for the fact that it is full of such a wide array of delicious food and it is hard to not buy a bit of everything while there. Plus I interviewed Maria from Maria’s café for a university project and she was very sweet and helpful!


You probably wouldn’t believe it but I am actually quite a homely person, I much prefer a night in to a night out and if I have the opportunity I will lay in bed all day reading and watching Netflix so I have impressed myself with the amount of adventures I have been on in the past year, as well as taking care of four children and working towards a photography degree!

I hope I get to visit loads of new places in the following year to share with you. I would love to know where your favourite places are!

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Rum kitchen with the cake app

The cake app is like the Uber for restaurants, book a table, turn up, order, eat and pay using your mobile phone…simple! (sorry no cake involved, unless you order it for desert)


When I was offered the chance to review the cake app I couldn’t really say no, I seem to have become accustomed to eating out lately…get me! and I love to try new places.

Our experience didn’t start off too well, we arranged to eat at Counter restaurant in Vauxhall but upon arrival we were faced with a note on the door saying it was temporarily closed and had to book a table somewhere else. Luckily there are over 150 quality restaurants that all accept the cake app so it wasn’t difficult to find an alternative.

We thought we would try somewhere a bit closer to home (just in case there were anymore hiccups) and opted for Rum kitchen in Brixton. My partner comes from a Jamaican family and we eat Caribbean food all the time so we were really looking forward to trying what rum kitchen had to offer.

I had no idea how the cake app worked before first use and was a bit paranoid that my battery would die or the Wi-Fi would stop working and I wouldn’t be able to open it. As we were seated I opened the app and was surprised to see that it was welcoming us to the restaurant and asked if we wanted to grab a tab but then I got worried when I opened it again to show the waitress our tab number and it just showed the loading symbol for a good five minutes.

The restaurant was really spacious, well decorated with shelves displaying rum and chilli sauce and an open kitchen so you could see all the mouth-watering dishes as they ready to be served. Now you can’t visit somewhere named the rum kitchen without sampling the rum so when the app eventually worked we placed our order.


Luckily it was happy hour so the cocktails were on offer. We ordered a Ting Wray and a happy daiquiri and with the strength of the rum in these I was a little tipsy before the food arrived.

I ordered the jerk bowl which contained three boneless pieces of jerk chicken, rice and peas and coleslaw with watermelon and pineapple, it seemed a bit strange having the fruit in with the food but it added a nice sweetness to the dish, the only problem was the watermelon seeds were not removed so I had to pick them all out.

The OH had jerk wings with spicy fried chicken and a side of callaloo, spinach and ackee (he has a big appetite) he liked the food but said it wasn’t as authentic as his home made dishes and described it as a Caribbean nando’s. Saying that I am not sure if they are trying to be completely authentic, it seems more like they are putting their own spin on the Caribbean cuisine.



I wasn’t going to order a desert but then I saw a coconut ice cream with coffee which I was intrigued by. I thought it would be ice-cream with a coffee flavoured sauce but when it arrived I was a bit confused.


Do you drink the coffee and then eat the ice-cream? Eat the ice-cream and then drink the coffee? Either way would have played havoc with my sensitive teeth so I just decided to pour the coffee on top, that seems right doesn’t it? but then it just tasted a bit weird like a coffee flavoured milkshake but anyway, it still went down ok!

So we reached the end of the meal and it was time to use the app, I was expecting to put it on and already have the bill ready to pay as I thought the purpose was to cut out having to call the waitress back over but it instructed me to inform the staff that I was ready to pay so they could update it, it would be useful if the staff just automatically did this when you place your final order.


The waitress asked me to refresh my page to show my bill so I reloaded it only to be faced with the loading page again, I could have probably paid the bill about five times over before the app had finally loaded. To be fair the signal was really bad in the restaurant so I am not sure it was the fault of the app but it was really frustrating having to wait for it to load in order to pay. I was going to go outside and see if worked faster but I thought they might think I’m doing a runner without paying so I waited it out until I had finally paid the bill.

I think the concept of the cake app is great, a few of the positives…

  • The app is really easy to navigate and simple to use
  • If your friends have the app you can find them on your app so everyone pays their own share
  • There are loads of participating restaurants
  • Many restaurants give you a discount in the form of credit.

Rum kitchen gave me 10% of my bill back. I was kindly given £40 credit in order to review the cake app and my bill came to £52. I paid the difference using my card that I had previously registered and was then rewarded with £5.20 credit to use at any participating restaurant in the future.

Although my first experience didn’t go as smoothly as expected I feel much more confident about using the cake app and will definitely be giving it another try, there are so many more restaurants to try and I need to build my credit up.


*written in collaboration with the cake app, all thoughts my own



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A gift guide for the traveller in your life

I don’t know about you but I find it really difficult finding the perfect gift for my friends and family. I am not really fussy with what I receive myself but when I buy presents I want them to be thoughtful and suit the recipient (I mean there is only so many Lynx body spray sets one person can use!)


I have noticed so many more people are embracing travel and using their money to buy experiences than ever. Well who can blame them with so much out there to see! I have put together a few gift ideas that you are not likely to find on the high street as they are from the uncommon goods website and would suit anyone with a zest for adventure.

The travel stub diary £10.00 is a perfect keepsake, not only for travel tickets but little pieces of memorabilia you pick up on your journeys.

The set of women’s travel organising bags £40.00 (men’s also available) are a great way to find everything you need in the suitcase without pulling everything out.

We all know how boring it can get playing eye spy on long journeys so this Game night in a can £20.83 containing 30 original games would fit nicely in your hand luggage to keep the whole family entertained

Coconut is one of my favourite scents and this travel beauty kit £56.67 looks so indulgent, great for keeping your skin in tip top condition while away from home.

For those unable to get out into the big outdoors then just give them the scent of it with this great outdoors national park candle set £33.33

As well as looking ultra stylish this Anti-theft rucksack £79.12 uses clever design to deter pickpockets from accessing all your important contents.

Last year I gave my brother a scratch map as a gift because every time I go onto Facebook he seems to be in another country. As well as stocking them on uncommon goods they also have this really sweet map called a world of I love you £20.83 which tells you how to say I love you in 50 different locations across the world.

I have never thought about bringing a journal with me on holiday but thinking about it, it’s a great idea to jot down those moments and memories that seem a distant memory when returning back to reality. If I had this Travel journal £12.49 I would keep notes that I could use to write travel blog posts once I return home.

The uncommon mission

As well as having innovative and attractive products, uncommon goods strive to be more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and an ever-more rewarding place to work. Treating their staff with dignity and respect by offering health care insurance to all full-time staff and a fair wage for all. Uncommon goods work with artists and small manufacturers to produce handmade, recycled and organic products and are committed to selling products that don’t cause harm to people or animals meaning they don’t contain any leather, feathers or fur.

It is not just travel gifts that are available at uncommon goods, they cater for all occasions whether you are

Attending a wedding

Buying a gift for a babyshower

Helping somebody celebrate their anniversary

I definitely have more gift ideas for my loved ones (and for myself) and with my baby boy turning 20 in a couple of weeks it means I won’t be looking at the kids section, boys section, not even the teen section anymore, but unbelievably I’ll be scouring the gifts for men section to find him the perfect present.

Have you seen any products from Uncommon goods that would make a perfect gift for you?


*Written in collaboration with uncommon goods, all thoughts my own