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Frankie & Benny’s – The Strand

Frankie and Benny’s is described as a New York Italian restaurant and bar and has over 250 branches. The food is a mix between popular American dishes and traditional Italian ones with burgers, pasta and pizza just a few of the options on offer.

We decided to pop into Frankie & Benny’s restaurant along the Strand before our trip to the theatre to watch Kinky boots. We didn’t have any booking and were told we could use the Tastecard for 2 for 1 dishes on a certain menu.

The restaurant had a 1950’s American Italian theme with dark wood and warm mood lighting. The walls were adorned with traditional family photos that fit the theme and we were given a seat in a comfy booth by the friendly waiter.




To get us in the mood for an all singing and all dancing evening we started our meal with a couple of cocktails ( I was very tempted to try one of those freakshakes) which went down nicely! Although they were so nice that a fly decided to nosedive straight into Jasmin’s purple rain, luckily the barman was happy to replace it for a fresh one!


We skipped starters as we didn’t want to be late and thankfully the waiter was really quick to come and take our order. I chose the BBQ chicken cheese wrap with fries while Jasmin went for the pasta dish – chicken and prawn alfredo.



The wrap was really packed with filling which made a change from usual wraps which are very doughy from the wrap itself. The pasta was full of plump prawns and chunky chicken which made both dishes really filling. Even though the dishes were 2 for 1 we decided to share a dessert because we were so full from the main course.


With a mix of rich brownie and chocolate brownie ice cream this was a perfect dessert for sharing and was a nice treat to the end of the meal.

Finishing just in time for the start of the show we left feeling fully satisfied. Would definitely like to try some other branches of the Frankie & Benny’s chain, particularly for one of those freakshakes!


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Kinky boots – Adelphi theatre

I imagined Kinky boots would be an all singing, all dancing energetic show from the adverts I have seen but I didn’t realise the depth of the storyline and the spectrum of emotions it would evoke.


Kinky boots tells the story of Charlie Price who is struggling to follow in his fathers footsteps and live up to his expectations, an unexpected turn takes his business from the factory floor in Northampton to the glamourous catwalk of Milan via the sassy Lola and her team of vivacious drag queens.


With clever staging and sparkling costumes (how they managed to dance their way around the stage in those heels I will never know) the storyline is brought to life on the stage. The characters are very endearing and there are many laugh out loud moments. Cyndi Lauper did a great job with the music and there are some real catchy tunes that you’ll find yourself singing along to.

This is probably one of my favourite west end shows and if you are a musical fan then I highly recommend, full of fun and joy you will be leaving the show with a smile on your face!

*photos of the show are taken from the Kinky boots website as you are not allowed to take pictures during the performance