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Kinky boots – Adelphi theatre

I imagined Kinky boots would be an all singing, all dancing energetic show from the adverts I have seen but I didn’t realise the depth of the storyline and the spectrum of emotions it would evoke.


Kinky boots tells the story of Charlie Price who is struggling to follow in his fathers footsteps and live up to his expectations, an unexpected turn takes his business from the factory floor in Northampton to the glamourous catwalk of Milan via the sassy Lola and her team of vivacious drag queens.


With clever staging and sparkling costumes (how they managed to dance their way around the stage in those heels I will never know) the storyline is brought to life on the stage. The characters are very endearing and there are many laugh out loud moments. Cyndi Lauper did a great job with the music and there are some real catchy tunes that you’ll find yourself singing along to.

This is probably one of my favourite west end shows and if you are a musical fan then I highly recommend, full of fun and joy you will be leaving the show with a smile on your face!

*photos of the show are taken from the Kinky boots website as you are not allowed to take pictures during the performance
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The wind in the willows – London Palladium


The wind in the willows that is currently showing at the London Palladium is an adaptation of the original children’s story written by Kenneth Graham, first published in 1908.


I am not really familiar with the original story but this version is a lovely family show that takes you from one Spring to the next looking at the friendships of the woodland animals, although it is not all friendly and the mischievous Toad and the villainous weasels are thrown in for good measure.

The staging and costumes were amazing but with a reported budget of 4.5 million it is no surprise that they managed to put on such a spectacle. Each set of animals have their own style and I particularly liked the outfits of the family of hedgehogs. The music was really catchy with both choral and pop influences, you know it’s good when you find yourself singing along even though it’s the first time of hearing it.

I loved the relationship between Ratty and Mole, there was some good humour between them that had me smiling throughout, although I wouldn’t say it was really laugh out loud unless you are under the age of 10.

The show has loads of famous faces including Denise Welch, Rufus Hound and Gary Wilmott to name a few and they created real colourful characters and played the role of the animals convincingly. Whatever Toad was on I think I need some, he had more energy than the Duracell bunny and hats off to Rufus Hound for managing to put on such a performance, although I didn’t find toad himself very endearing.

A great, feel good show that I think could appeal to anybody, it did lack a creative storyline but the simplicity would appeal to a younger audience.

I am really getting a taste for musicals and have enjoyed Wicked, An American in Paris and The Commitments in recent years but would love some recommendations for other west end shows!

If you are hoping to catch The wind in the willows then you will have to be quick as it is only at the Palladium until early September, could it be a contender for your summer bucketlist?

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Victoria & Albert museum


Described as the worlds leading museum of Art and Design, the Victoria and Albert is definitely one of my favourites. I decided to go and visit to see if there were any new exhibitions within the photography and theatre and performance rooms plus it was also on my list of 10 places I wanted to visit and it’s always nice to tick some thing off a list!

There is so much amazing artwork and collections to see from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks to Jeanne Lanvin’s 1930s evening dresses. Even the building itself is a work of art!


The photography section was the same as it was the last time I went with collections of work focused on the body. I am excited about future plans that were recently mentioned on the news about the V and A expanding to hold the worlds largest collection of the art of photography with over 400,000 pieces being transferred there.


There was a new impressive installation in the performance room which was based on the Glastonbury festival.

The way the posters were haphazardly placed on the wall reflecting how they would have been placed in situ was quite novel considering that the rest of the museum is formally laid out and I really liked the map wall where people could write their memories and place it in the area that they happened. It was a great way with viewers to interact and share their experiences. The screened pyramid played footage so you could stand inside and pretend you were at a performance which was really clever, although I expect it was a lot smaller than the real thing!



I’m sure there is so much I missed while I was there so I will probably return in the near future to explore more.

The museum itself is free but certain exhibitions within it have a fee. If you are planning a visit I would definitely recommend purchasing a map as it is easy to get lost or find specific sections. There is a lovely garden area situated in the middle of the museum if you fancy a picnic or coffee break and the shop is packed with interesting products to purchase. All in all a great day out but if you have younger children I would say the natural history and science museums situated across the road would be a lot more popular.

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An American in Paris


As a timeout tastemaker I was invited to watch An American in Paris currently showing at the Dominion theatre in London’s West end and was super excited! I wasn’t familiar with the storyline beforehand and didn’t research anything as I wanted it to all be new, I was pleasantly surprised by the good mix of narrative, music and dance.
The storyline was a classic love story (who will get the girl) and could have been a bit more imaginative but for me it was brought alive by the stunning costume and set design that has made me want to book a ticket back to 1940s Paris.

The talent in the show was immense with actors taking on both singing and dancing and even a few humorous moments. There were a couple of catchy songs but I was expecting some more big numbers. This show was definitely about the dancing and with the lead role being a ballerina I suppose that’s understandable, however I did feel that the dance scenes were a bit long and sleep inducing and I did have to dig the OH in the ribs when I heard a faint sound of a snore… cant take him anywhere!

I don’t want to give away who did get the girl so If you are a fan of musicals then this feel good show is definitely a must see and you will have to go and watch to find out!

What is your favourite show to watch in the theatre?

*images of the show taken from the An American in Paris website as no photography is allowed in the theatre.