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Yum Yum – Stoke Newington

We were invited to a family celebration at Yum Yum Thai restaurant in Stoke Newington and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at what looked like a plush hotel that was a bit out of place with the surrounding area.


The restaurant is housed in a grand listed Georgian building covered in lights and surrounded by Asian inspired decorative features. The inside is just as impressive with a bar and a relaxed seating area to one side and a formal eating area on the other. It also has a traditional seating area with very low tables where the customers can sit crossed legged on the floor and eat.

We went to Yum Yum on a weekday evening and so it was relatively empty which is just a well because we were in a large group of over 25 and that included some very lively little people that I can imagine would have irritated other diners had there been any close to us. Continue reading “Yum Yum – Stoke Newington”